Monday, September 19, 2011

How I roll

Since moving back into my parents house (not WITH my parents, clarification there), I mostly watch TV.  I haven't had TV in a year and  I LOVE the FOOD network!  For the first 2 weeks, I'll admit, I was addicted to the Kardashians..done wtih that.  But now i watch...and record most Food network shows, and then at the end of the week decide which meal was the most amazing, and watch it be made a few times,a nd this last week, i made it...don't be grossed out, but it was meatloaf. I've probably only had meatloaf twice in my life, but this was awesome!  Nicely played Ina!
So far this week, it's Rachel Ray's fajitas.  I think well go for it tonight.
My tasteless show of choice right now....America's next top model. I watch all those poor skinny girls, who, in MY opinion, are usually not attractive AT ALL, they just have the tall overly skinny bodies, and I eat my string cheese, or peaches and cream or grapenuts with honey, or whatever awesome food I can find. I feel bad for them, like I should send them a care package of food.  But I  don't. Now onto why this show is wrong..dont 'knwo if anyone else in the world watches it, but on one of the episodes last week, the ONLY pretty girl in the whole competition refused to be shot in underwear or bra....but she would do bikini bottoms with a full top.  They all gave her SOO much crap about it, about how the bikini bottom was smaller than the underwear they awnted her to wear, and she kept trying to tell them that it's the idea of everyone seeing her in her underwear, which I totally agree with!!! But they made her I think I'm done with that show..any suggestions as to what should be next?
This is Shannon Stewart...the no  underwear girl.

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