Wednesday, April 13, 2011


First I have to apologize for my white legs in the post below. Last year I thought, "I'm going to stay out of the sun this summer, protect my skin since I've been a big tanner in the past".
After that picture...I will be spending the next 4 months outside.

2nd, a breakdown of my diet
Apple w/PB
Spinach shake
All that before noon.  Not too shabby you might be thinking.
Lunch, BIG lunch, but healthy and usually WW approved.
another apple
then 3pm hits
So do chocolate covered anythings.....
SOBE (not so bad diet wise)....
6pm hits...I swear no more eatting for the day, and about half of the time I do good, the other half, i find whatever is on the top shelf of the pantry, the tiny cupboard above the fridge, or hidden in the microwave.  Eat it.  Feel guilt.  Vow to do better tomorrow.

A breakdown of my diet...for the past 5 years!

Now a breakdown of my week.
Get home from trip. Enjoy a few minutes with Jase before he lives on the phone. Then he leaves on Tuesday-Thursday.  Getting back to a babysitter because I'm already gone to Show Low for my jewelry show...which means I won't see him until Friday morning, and even then, only for a few minutes before he...again, gets on the phone.  Then as soon as he's done with work on Friday, we all pile in the car and go to Cedar City for a few days.  hopefully next week I can have some time to do NOTHING.
 So my girl's trip really was a week and a half break from husband, 4 days from kids.  Which works out just lovely since I need more time to learn to appreciate my husband right now.  Which I do.

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