Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok, so I remember as a kid, 50 was soo old.  And then after the 70's, you pretty much just were waiting for the ole grim reaper.  But now I think 70's is awesome.  My dad is awesome!  He just turned  70 last week and Jase and I got to go to dinner with him and ma at El Rancho.  We got the special and talked and talked about family and friends and our small towns and a lot about Christ, and his love and I can always feel the spirit when my dad talks or writes to us about the Savior and his love.   He got teary eyed as he talked and it was hard to keep my tears back, but i've had years of practice.  He's the most amazing dad ever!!!! I'm soo glad I picked him.  
This last week we told the kids that the special "golden" egg was under grandpa...who was lying peacefully on the hill.....not for long....

 Now I'm going to list 70 things tha tI love about my dad.
ha, ok, not really, but I could.  but it's 10:30pm and as  you all know that's midnight for a Mulder.

So, top 5.

I LOVE how involved he is with Jase's new business.  It's awesome.  If I ever want to know how things are goin in the business, I talk to dad.

I love that he made valentines SOO amazing for my mom this year.  He even decorated heart cookies for her.

I love how hard of a worker he is on his new amazingly beautiful home.

I love his love for animals.  He's always concerned about our chickens and Foxxie when we go on trips, and he is the reason they are all still alive.

I love how much he loves his girls.  I know they wanted me to be a boy, but I would have never known it.  He's an amazing girl dad!!!!!


Jaime S. said...

you are very lucky to have a dad like that.

buba's bodacious babe said...

Nice tribute to your dad. He really is an amazing guy.

Allred's said...

so sweet....I love good dads...