Monday, April 18, 2011

Cedar City Mulders....

This past weekend we got to go see Justin and Elissa....FINALLY! It was a super short trip, but we crammed a lotta fun into it. LIssy made an awesome itinerary to keep us and the kids happy the whole time.  We went to a super awesome park with a creek running through it and lots of grass and trees, and of coarse mountains all around.  (why are we all not living there???)

 Boston decided to be Pearcen's horse....for a very short ride.
 Kamryn decided to have dad be her horse....again for a very short while.
 Then Pearcius decided to try out his new climbing shoes...and they worked great.  he got up that far on his own....then crashed down.
 Jase giving a random adjustment to Jaden.
 Pearce, being cute...
 Kam and Boss loved the playground of coarse....

These two were my favorite part of the trip.  kam likes hanging out with the girls now and Lissy took us to a bunch of fun shops.  Sorry Kam is blinking and Lissy is about to. I should have snapped more.

 And even though it was super muddy, I made lissy let me take a couple of her...all of which were over exposed...blah!  Another reason I'm not a photographer.  But she looked freaking hot that day, so I had to post one.
 Jaden is STILL in the phase of making goofy faces, so I hafta catch him off guard.  He had a lot of fun doing ALL of the outdoor stuff this weekend.  He wanted to stop at every rest area on the way up and back.
 Pearce liked the rocks and sticks...
Later that day we went to St. George to get some more shopping and eatting done.  Pearce fell asleep with his pacifier as a face prop.
 and we finaly got to try Jimmy Johns....not impressed (this is J at the drive thru, in his killer new buffalo check shirt.....I have a thing for buffalo check)
 And this is what our car looked like. We forgot to put the other back seat in, so Justy and Lissy made a sweet little seat of their own in the back with jaden.
We also go to eat a lot of really bad food and watch Hop, both were great...but the additional 3lbs, not so great.
On our way home the kids were dying to play in the snow, so we stopped, and yes, Kam has shorts on with Boston's boots.  There was lots of snow, but the temps were perfect.
 And someone couldn't keep his LOUD trap shut the whoel way home so his dad shoved a bunch of napkins in it to try and muffle it....didnt' last long.  Oh, and the dirty face is from our Oreo lunch.  Jase wouldn't let us stop to eat or poop....because it was the sabbath.  ugh.  So luckily Aunt lissy packed us some oreos to go with the bananas, kashi bars and trail mix Jase packed. Oh, quick story on this guy...threw up about 5 gallons on our way up....we realize he had a quesadilla for lunch, shake, donuts, cookie, chocolate, etc.....all day long.  It was disgusting...and hilarious!
 And I wish I had a pciture of when we first got to Justin and Elissa's...our bed was covered in shoe Christmas.  It was lovely.  We spent about an hour going through new shoes that Aunt LIssy (manager and future CEO of Payless) hooked us up with.  But I did tell the kids to line up for a picture with the shoes before we put them away.  I think we're all set for a year or two.  Thanks again Justin and Elissa!  Awesome weekend!


buba's bodacious babe said...

Cedar City is so pretty this time of year. Glad you had a fun visit!


ok this is awesome! I wana go on a trip like that! PS if you and the kids come up here, we'll take you to the lava hot springs...SOOO fun. oh and also do me a huge favor...GO TO MY BLOG! I blog just as much as you and NO ONE reads..its making me slip into a slow and sad depression.

Corie Green said...

umm I so need an Aunt Lissy!! Love the line of shoes :)

Elissa said...

so sweet.we were super happy that you guys could come for a visit, short or not. sorry about all the boringness though. and justin said that he wanted to surprise jaden with that weird golf ball game he loves for his fake birthday.....don't let him read this.

Elissa said...

also, im loving the b/w pic of me that has "jenna" right above my head. i should have thought that one out.