Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GIRL"S TRIP!!!!!!!!

I've been planning girl's trips for YEARS!  And I usually just invite one or two girls, and someone bails and so we cancel.  This year I decided to invite tons of girls and whoever came, came, but I was bound to go, even if it were alone.  We had about 7 or 8 of us, and slowly, one by one they dropped...even up until the week before. but there were 4 of us that stayed strong and true!
Trina....a good ole home town girl that has practice runs of girls trips with me every few months to Flag.
Becky....a long time friend, my mother in Premier, and an easy goin girl.
Mel....my bestie from Texas, sarcastic, fashionable, inspiring and awesome.
And me, aging, tired,a nd so in need of this girls trip!
The first day we drove, and drove (and Mel flew) and we got there, checked into our sweet Sheraton, then went to pick up Melissa at the airport.  We got her, then went and shopped.  Went to gap to find my jeans I'd been lusting after and a sexy black dress for the dress up night the next night...both there, and both about half price.  Sweet!
 Then we ate some awesome pizza, cheesey fried artichoke (an artichoke first for Becky) and delicious donuts from Sammy's Woodfire Pizza, then tried to find where we parked our car.
The next day, we got up, went to Panera bakery for some sweet breakfast, headed to the grocery store for a bunch of snacks for the spa, then off to the spa.  We got our own rom to chill in between treatments.  Then one by one they wisked us away to the relaxation of amazingness...aka, facials,  massages, pedicures and manicures, all lasting 50-60 minutes.  AMAZING!
Uh, we forgot to get pics before, so this is us, with greasy hair from the massages, and no make up (facials)  
 This is us posing while Mel metered her camera for the above shot.  It's our fancy "rich" looks.

 Then we went shopping some more at some rich fancy mall that was NOT our style.  But we could afford some frozen yogurt....

Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for our big night out.  We went to The Melting Pot.....for 3 hours!  It usually takes around 2 hours to do a fondue meal, but we had a slow waiter....and we got double cheese....and double chocolate.  I always get stuffed at fondue, but this time, it was more than usual...it was fantastic.  It's also fun to watch Becky eat. I eat about 9x more than she does in a 30 minute time frame.  We're fast eaters in the Mulder home...and yes, I'm an amazon....

 Me showing my new dress whilst waiting for our table....
 I believe this was cheese #2.  Mmmm, soo good!  
 Then we were super super tired, so no dancing or kareoke (next trip for SURE) so we went home and went to bed....or did we? I don't remember.  I remember we died that night.  Some couldn't stop crapping, others went the whole trip w/o crapping (I'll let you guess) others had crazy digestion and had to go to the gym at 4am.  But ALL of us were up at 2am because of drunk neighbors yelling and throwing bottles at the wall...then smoking....in a non smoking room!  Rough night.  Plus Mel put a pillow between us and said, "don't cross"...in the sarcastic manner that we share, and for some reason all through the night I kept checking to see if I crossed.  haha.  Trina also had to keep one eye opened with her stripping bed partner.  haha!  But they all got to deal with me farting into the closet.
But we finally all got outta bed, got ready and decided to stop by the harbor that our hotel was in for pictures.  There were awesome sailboats on one side and piratey ships and cruise ships on the other. It was really pretty.  Obviously the bright sun was in our eyes.
Then we hit the OC swap meet.  It was a lot of fun.  We all got a few pairs of sunglasses, and a couple of other things. Not as great of stuff as I had hoped, but I heard it's hit and miss.  Next full day shopping event will be First Monday in Canton.  heck yes!
That night we stayed at our sweet Hyatt...where I proceeded to fart out the door.
The swap meet closed at 4, so we went to the beach where Mel took awesome pics of Becky and Trina, and I took some awesome ones of her with her awesome camera.  I was having a horrible hair day, so I decided to not even try to look cute for them.  But here's Trina fake fishing off the peir.
Ahh, and the 4 of us on the beach.
And a pic with Trina, my fun LITTLE friend that I wanna pick up.
And Bekcy, my friend with a great rack!
Mel, my friend that makes it fun to be fake cheesey!  haha.
Um, seriously?  HOT!  
And since we forgot to take pedicure pics....here's our toes...which ones are mine.
and the only picture of me where I don't look super super ugly
Anyway, that night we ate some amazing mexican food, back to the hotel, then got up early, drove to San Diego, dropped Mel off at the airport, then drove...and drove...and ate In and Out, and drove, then went to the gap outlet, then drove, then went to arizon mills, then drove and drove.  then got home!!!!!
Awesome trip! Must be done again SOON!!!!!!



Sounds like so much fun!!! We need to do a hatch girls trip dont you think??

Kristal said...

I've been thinking it FOR YEARS!!!! and mentioning it for years. and ALMOST planning it FOR YEARS!!!!

Melissa Fullmer said...

you make me laugh, you're hilarious.

K Bailey said...

I went to Canton last spring and can't wait to go back! I had so much fun. The friend I went with...they have it down. Some of the husbands come and sit in the parking lot with a table and chairs and a horse trailer. Then when the wives buy something you call the men and tell them which booth number.....and then get to walk off! The men's job is to go to each booth to pick up our purchases. It was hilarious!!

Elissa said...

super jealous! looks like a bunch of fun