Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slow Day in Joseph City....

After explaining my busyness of the week, I realized that all that's on my calendar for TODAY is, a few phone calls and hostess packet deliveries.  What am I going to do with the other 10 hours of my day?
- change poop
- cook
-attempt pictures of the kids
-make a craft
-play memory
-read The Mouse and the Motorcycle, chapter 10
-fill out tons and tons of paperwork per child for next years registration
-clean the yard with pearce
-finish painting a few things white
-deep conditioning treatment
-clear out closet
-get kid's "next size" boxes out
-figure out the stinking hand strap for the battery grip on the camera
-watch some jewelry training videos
-make some amazing healthy treat to go with tonight's Tangled party with the kids.
-laundry, how could I forget the option of laundry?!
-yell at the ebay seller through e mail, that screwed me out of $50 this week.
-track my packages....clothes for Kam, wooden newborn bowl, amazon book for gramsicle, jewelry, and free outfit from zulily.
-wash and cut produce
-attempt sleep.

I think I'll chose ALL of the above.

I'll let you know how many I actually accomplish.  haha

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