Tuesday, March 29, 2011

todays going to be a good day


Woke up at 5:30...ahhh
straight to the computer to check everything
Turbo Jam
Wake up the kids
breakfast and morning routine
kids off to school
lay pearcen down
turbo scuplt
pull jaden out of school
check main on our way outta town to see what the exciting yellow slip is for
go get our hair done
highlights??? maybe
a little lunch date with my 9 year old
come home, put him back in school
Get Old Navy package from FedEx guy
go set up for tonight's enrichment
come back
hopefully feel cute enough to take pics in the clothes options for girls trip to send to Mel so she can decide what I need to bring and what I need to return to the store because it was a horrible impulse buy
Jase leaves for work
Play with Boss
Start dinner
put kids in car
make car a fun and safe place to be
Leave kids in car while attending enrichment because all of my babysitters were invited to enrichment or playing softball.
Attend enrichment
go home
eat honey

It's a good day!

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Tamee said...

Okay I haven't been on the computer for about 4 days, and now all of a sudden you go crazy blogging. You must be feeling better. One request....more picture of Pearce. We love him.