Thursday, March 31, 2011

Most perfect baby, Goals & Privacy...

Pearcius got a new hat in the mail yesterday and he LOVES it, he didn't wanna take it fact, he wanted to add glasses and anything else he could.  He was hilarious!

and yup, private again.  Don't know if you saw the "dork" comment by "dave"...but I don't know dave...dont 'know him.  Freaks me out.  So private again.

Now to my kid's latest.  We made them all sit down and write down their top 3 things that they'd like to save their money up for because they get so close and then start spending their money on JUNK!  And it drives us nuts.  So Kam wrote:
1. Unicorn pillow pet 
2. bit cupcake pan
3. just dance 2

Jaden wrote:
1. A bunch of jelly beans (to double his money in the quarter machine at Jase's cinic)
2. Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii game
3. Crap, ok I forgot the other, I'll write it here when I remember.

Uh, now on to Boston...sweet sweet Boston's list:
1. A pocket knife
2. a bebe gun
3. A bomb

Wow.  Where did I go wrong????? 


K Bailey said...

Cute the sad face!

The Giles Files said...

I <3 Boston! A bomb...hahaha. Great pics of Pearce btw - what a ham.

j&krosser said...

Love the photo shoot, especially the first one with the glasses. AND lame commentors who ruin everything!

buba's bodacious babe said...

Aww, cute pictures! I love Boston's comments. You have funny kids, and good for you to have them set goals right now. A bomb... I wonder how long he'll be saving for that one!