Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plumber always has leaky pipes

Ok, so no pictures again. I'm lame.  I even really wanted Jase to snap a pic of me today because I was so proud of my outfit that I threw together. I bought some new fantastic shoes yesterday and I went through some old clothes and put a funky little number together for church...inspired by my new favorite fashion blog, but I forgot.  I forgot. I'm lame. I have SO many things on my mind right now that my mind is kinda...blank! So I'll go off on a few random things.

First, lately, my life is full of, "crap, I shouldn't have done that"...followed by, "I'm sorry"s.  I'm a super impatient mom, that wastes too much time photoshopping and facebooking.  Both being remedied THIS WEEK...done photoshopping...and no more, other than baby Stratton's pictures for many many months.  And the facebook addiction.  That'll take a bi tmore work, but I can do it.  My poor kids...I snap so quick when I'm busy with a million things.  Poor Jaden gets the grunt of it all because I always expect so much of him, but he's amazing.  He's seriously amazing. In fact, I need to interview him again. maybe I'll do that this week.

Next, names. Ok, so we didn't ever look up what our kid's names meant until we went to name Boston and Jase's mom said something about the name having no meaning, so I looked em all up.  Here we go:

Jaden: God has heard.  (probably so true because he probably prays for protection from his horrible parents all the time)

Kamryn: Crooked Nose
Um, really?  they couldn't come up with something better than that?  That's so dumb...and her nose is PERFECTLY straight!

Boston: Boltoph's town.
That's fine...we knew it, we had it coming.  Lame

Pearce: Stone or Form of Peter.
Peter and Pearce sound NOTHING alike...why?  why would someone get so lazy to do that???

Jason: Healer
Wow, dead on

Kristal: Not found on hardly any of the sites, but on one it meant Crystal.

Ok, so I'm going to redo this

Jaden: Coolest person you know

Kamryn: Sneaky sweet

Boston: Naughty Sharer

Pearcen: Practically perfect in every way

Jason: Healer

Kristal: slave

There, there's that peice of wisdom for the week.

In other news, my diet today:

Apple, red potatoe hash browns


So you're thinking,t hat's good.  Good job.

After church, busted up honey mustard & onion sourdough pretzel peices, pumpkin pie, a few bites of a chicken salad wrap, kiwi.

I was ONE pound from my goal weight yesterday...ONE POUND!  I won't be getting there anytime soon.

Ok, back to my shoes. I'm just so in love with them.  It's been a while since I've bought new shoes because I've really been super satisfied.  you all remember my awesome cheetah shoes from 4 years ago..I still wear them ALL the time, and between those, my Nikes and my flip flops and slippers, I'm satisfied, but when I saw these, I knew I needed them or I'd never be satisfied by another shoe again!!!  Here they are....prepare yourselves....


alright, there really isn't much more to me right now.  two older boys locked in their rooms for bad sabbath behavior, Kam running around playing with her newly peirced ears (which we'll talk about later), pearcen asleep, Jase talking to his mama on the phone, and me, blogging, but now going ot make banana bread and regular bread...WHITE regular bread...I know, Satan has his hand in this one people!

Good day.



um i love you, and i love your blog. I can honestly say that your posts are the only ones i read even when they dont have pics. I normall, look at pics, read the captions and if they've still got my attention i'll keep reading but with yours i just read and read! i love it!!....but i still wanna see a pic of your cute new shoes mmkay?

Melissa Fullmer said...

i don't say this like ever but OMG that was hilarious!!!! love the shoes

Alona said...

Love this post. I especially love your version of people's names! :) I miss you guys!