Monday, March 28, 2011

This weeks goals...

1. no sugar...other than tonight's s
trawberry shortcake and
 Thursday's show dessert and
 Saturday's 2 show desserts.

2.  Plan and Schedule the next tv awards show. 
 I miss planning my life around them 
and watching the dresses and hair...
it's been about 6 years since
 I've watched one....what's become of me?!

3. get rid of grandma flab arms

4. Practice handwriting with my older 3
 We all have the suckiest handwriting. 
 It's the one subject my kids always get
 B's and C's in!  ugh!!!!

5. Check facebook only 3x a day. 
I know, you're thinking, "wait
you check it more than that now?"
yes, I'm sure you have a fault too
focus on yours!

1 comment:

Ashley Lois said...

i'm not even judging you for checking facebook more than 3 times a day. I am right there with you! Somedays I feel like that's all I do! ugh!