Monday, March 28, 2011

Slow Motion + Old Age = bed

Alright, so I have FINALLY gotten back to working out.  It's been great. I LOVE working out, not to lose weight, but to eat.  I feel less guilt about eatting cookies when I work out, so I work out.  And as everyone knows I LOVE turbo jam and zumba.  My 2 skinny friends Jessica and Melissa both have been doing Turbo Fire and are both in love with I barrowed it for 3 days and did 3 of the DVD's a day and am IN LOVE.  I just did regular turbo jam today and felt like I was going in slow motion.  Very slow motion.  I NEED FIRE!

A friend of mine wrote that sneezing takes on a whole new meaning after you've had babies...which is true....but mine isn't a little pee.  Mine is a fart!  A sneeze is always accompanied by a fart anymore.  I'm like the old people you talk with that fart mid conversation and make nothing of it.  I thought I had another 20 years before this came...guess not.  WARNING TO ALL IN THEIR TWENTIES: Fart sneezing CAN happen as early as 31.

Between working out, cleaning, sitting at the computer, getting up to make some lunch, going back to the computer, I'm ready for bed.  it's 11:01am.

A friend posted on facebook taht her 19 month old is counting.  My 4 year old just started counting a few months 18 month old only says "liar" "hello" "mama" "dada".

We strive to have incredibly good looking underacheivers.

And now my thoughts on bloggers.
I love blogging...been doing it for YEARS, since 2006. I love it. I love reading old entries, especially ones from right after my babies were born or right after the older 2 kids graduated kindergarte.  It's fun.  It's fun to read back about the way I felt during certain times in life and how I think it's hilarious and completely insane now. I love it
There are bloggers that blog to show off their lives. Or that blog to pretned they have the dream life....we all know em...I know we do.  There is one that MANY people have confronted me about, so I know we all know at least one.  I REALLY want to know if I seem like this person. I feel like I put a lot of the crap from my life on here, and I hope to stay true to life.  Here's the Mulder "how it' is" for now

I am sitting here....looking just like this:
(taken fresh AS I wrote this)
Did one workout today, hoping to do another before lunch...hence the skanky tank top.  But yes, I blog with baby on my lap, and yes, I'm wearing my glsases, no make up and it's almost noon. That's how glam my life is.
I' ve deep cleaned my kitchen for the first time in 2 months, I'm on my 4th load of laundry, I laid my baby down at his usual nap time and even though tI could hear that he wasn't asleep (not crying, just playing) I left him in there for 2 hours while I worked out and cleaned and facebooked.
I have probably already spent an hour of my day on facebook. I did order my sister in law's birthday gift off amazon (her birthday is tomorrow...sorry Lissy, but your CHristmast gift is IN THE MAIL TODAY!...yay!!!), I got all 3 kids on the bus...HUGE accomplishment....yes, 2 of them were wearing the same jeans they had on yesterday, and none of them have had a shower/bath since Friday, but they were on time!  
My kids are both average students in their class, by far the best looking (ok, that was a little showy offy, but they are),  My husband and I are both balding, I only hang out with real life friends maybe 3x a month, and my tolet hasn't been scrubbed in 2 weeks. 

There.  Does anyone envy the magical life of me?
Yea, I didn't think so.
Even though I would...cause I couldn't be happier.  But I just read someone's blog...I don't even know her in real life (add that to my wasteful stalking someone I don't know), and her life is all sunshine and rainbows....NO WAY IT IS!  NO FREAKING WAY....ok, maybe, she doesn't own any kids yet, so maybe....but you know what....she can suck it!  Ok, no, that was wrong. I vowed yesterday to not talk trash about those I envy.  Rambling?  yes.

Til tomorrow.


Burgess said...

I still envy you....bald or not. I don't know why people have to pretend they're perfect. I like to hear the good and bad in peoples lives. I like to know the real them, not the shiny them.

Lanae said...

wow you look skinny! if it makes you feel better Henry has about three words, so Piercen is doing great! have a great day!

Tia said...

If there is one thing I wish for it is for people to write about their crappy days more often on their blogs. I mean it's not like we all have to be pessimistic just a little more real - it's what makes me get through my day sometimes. So thanks for making me smile now I'll go write a post about carter to make you feel better :) You do look skinny!! you should wear tanktops more often and I love coupon sense.

Ashley and Matt Marx said...

I just love you Kristal. Oh the fun life of a stay at home mom. People aske me what I do during the day and really what am I supposed to say do you want to know exactly how many loads of laundry I did and that I may or may not have cleaned my filthy bathrooms.

Jessica said...

you are way too funny and I love you cuz of it! I'm so excited for you to get turbo fire too, its my FAVORITE!

Mary said...

Love it, Kristal. You're DEFINITELY not one that comes to mind when I think of Happy, Shiny Bloggers. You're for real. :)

Unknown said...


Kristal said...

Who's dave? And I agree!

buba's bodacious babe said...

I love your honesty and your sense of humor. Good lookin' underachievers... I love it! Your kids are amazing, and it's because they have such great parents. Keep up the posting!

Elissa said...

i like this post. i bet people reading my blog (both of them) just think im sarcastic. at least i hope they do. and thanks for the birthday gift, that will be a nice surprise. miss you guys.