Thursday, September 4, 2008

That's how cool....

Two Jamaican posts in one day...and it's only 10am. Ya mon.
Alright, I wanted to take a picture of all of our food, but I always ate it before I remembered, but here is our usual breakfastx2-3. We always got tons of mango because it was amazing there, and their muffins (which we usually aren't fans of) were great, and of coarse french toast, which Jason put blueberries on, but I always smothered it with the Appleton Rum Syrup, which was a little alcholly one day, I was happy that day. And a lesson learned from the syrup, rum tastes good when burped. Not many things do, but Rum does. This was just my dream tower. It is full of brown sugar. How fun is that?!
Alright, so I wanted a picture of Jase and I by the beach in our swimming suits, so I asked one of the workers to take a pic for us...he said, "oh, ya mon, I'm a photographer" and he started posing us. So just know, these cheesy nerdy poses were all him, but I love these pictures. Oh, and excuse the cleavage in the first one...that's how Jamaicans roll.
He told me I needed to show some attitude in this one...hense the leg and shoulder action.


I would like to take this time to post an apology to the little guy that I'm squishing. This pose might be cute for some couples but for a 5'10" girl on a 5'11" guy, no.

Ahhh, now we go to my favorite, FAVORITE thing in Jamacia...this band! They are called the Mighty Swingers, and they performed almost daily at the resturant by our room, and I LOVED hearing their music. The main guy (standing) looks like a thin Morgan Freeman, and the way he shook the maracas was soo cute, and his voice was AMAZING, he could go so deep, and, well,a nyway, it really doesn't matter, you all just need to go there and see them. They were GREAT! We always requested the table by them, and by the last day or so they were taking our requests for songs. I love you Mighty Swingers!
Before we left for Jamaica we were constantly checking the forecast, and asking "chacha" what the wheather was going to be like, and it was always rainy. This my friends was the only day of rain...and it came in very surprisingly, and left pretty quickly....(notice my surprise)
This is one of the over 80 pools that the resort has. This is the one I wanted to go swimming at, but didn't. It has a cool slide to take you from one pool to another. We just couldn't bring ourselves to swim in the pools when we were staying on the beach.
This is us blowing off more time til they served dinner. We thought we looked really good in this picture, so I posted it.
Ahhh, only a couple more days people, and I know you're all just boring yourselves with these posts waiting for "my wedding" posts. Be patient.
Luke ?:?? "And your patience posess ye your soul."


Our Little World said...

Kristal, I love all of these! The pictures of you guys in your suits on the beach are so good! You really do look amazing and after the challenge you're gonna be too smokin' to even look at!! I like Jason's facial hair!

Alona said...

I love them all as well! The beach pics in this post are so cute. I love your swimming suit in these ones too!