Monday, September 29, 2008

I want to see ALL of you there....

I'm not kidding. Time Out for Women and Time Out for Couples. It's in Phoenix November 7th(for couples) and 8th (for women). It's going to be great!!! I just wanted to make sure everyone has bought there tickets because there's only a little over a week for preregistration, then you'll be pressing your luck to get a ticket after that. So get em now!!! They are $32 per couple and $34 for women and $25 for girls.

Some of the musical guests this year are Hilary Weeks, Cherie Call and my all time fav, Jenny Jordan Frogley!

There are a few more and some really great guest speakers. Topics include, "discover who you REALLY are and what Goad has planned for you", "Improve your relationships (parents, siblings....boys!) And if, I mean, WHEN you sign up for the Time Out for Women, keep a few hours after wards free because you're coming to get a pedicure with me and my sisters, neices and mom. It goes from 9am to 3pm on Saturday. The Time Out for Women is Friday night from 7-10. There are some great subjects like, "But, how do I change my spouse?" and "living a covenant marriage".

If there is anyone that wants to go, but can't afford it right now, e mail me and we'll work a deal.

Can't wait to see you all there!!!!!!


The Kriloff Klan said...

THANK YOU!!!!! Great post!

Vonda said...

Thats crazy, I just emailed you to remind you to do this - you are way on the ball! (Although I believe Goad is spelled God, not sure though)

Thanks for the fun weekend!!!

PDH said...

If you don't like your country, your Church and your kiddies, then I'll tell you what you should do.
Just vote for Obama, the loon from Chicago, if you elect him then your Nation's 'bout through..
Just some sage advise from your Dad who SELDOM blogs..
Love ya kid..

YES ON 102

YES ON 100

NO ON 202

Adam, Hilly and Wes said...

That's exciting for you! Our Time Out was just a couple of weekends ago and it was so awesome!! Cherie Call is my all time favorite!! Have tons of fun for me!

Em said...

I love Jenny Jordan Frogley! She's the only Mormon singer that I can truly stand to listen to! (more than one song, anyway!)
Have fun at Time Out!

Staci said...

I just went to the one in Vegas and it was awesome! Hillary Weeks is hillarious! The funny thing is that she kept making fun of Hurricane, Utah. I hope you guys have a spiritual blast!

alison said...

Man I wish I could go so bad, hopefully next year. Have a great time!