Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've had SO much fun the past 3 weeks eatting whatever I want, and even though I love workout videos, it was nice not to get up an hour early, and nice to clean and blog, and organize, and do other things during nap time, but it's all coming to a quick end. Tomarrow is the first day of Fall's Biggest Lose challenge...which I might not win, but I need to get back into a size 6 til I get pregnant next year. We just had 4 more people join over the weekend, so I think we're up to about 20....still room for a few more. Let me know. Rules are on my side bar.
I'm off to eat more pancakes with ice cream and cereal all day!

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alison said...

I have been blowing it so bad for a couple weeks. Like right now, I am eating Fritos for breakfast how awful is that. I just bought them on the way home from dropping the kids off becasue I know after today I cannot eat them anymore. I can't wait to start tomorrow. I bought new weight watchers scales and the numbers were so scary, but hopefully that will all be changing starting tomorrow.