Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a good day....

Today is two of my favorite people in the whole world's birthday! Seriously! They are the two that I look up to so much as mothers. They both have 6 kids and pull it off way better than me with my measly 3 kids. They're amazing.

The first one is my sister Vonda. Most of you already know her and love her guts. In fact for a couple of years there I was really getting tired of hearing how funny and amazing and perfect she was from all of you, now I just take it as a compliment that I'm realated to someone like that. In fact my favorite compliment is when I do something (usually something weird like sing with major vibratto, or sing while dancing with both hands while driving), and one of her kids say, "that's what my mom does" or "you're as werid as my mom". I love it! She's also the most giving. If things aren't working out for someone, she makes it work out. Seriously she's got things set up for me to be able to come to her birthday bash. She has a baby sitter and a place for me to stay (her kid and her house...nice!)

This picture is the picture I like to call, "Vonda....and the other 4"

Please fail to notice that they were kind enough to do pictures when I weighed 200.This picture I like to call, "stop scrapping my heels pedicure lady"
This one I call, "pretty cotton candy girls"
My top 5 favorite things about Von:

1. Her funkiness...even though at times I roll my eyes at it

2. how good she is with money. I sometimes catch her wearing my clothes from Jr. HIgh...and looking good in them!

3. How serving her and her husband are

4. How she's helped her girls be such amazing people.

5. Her patience. I hardly ever see her get upset or grouchy. Wish I was like that!

The next mother of the year with a birthday today is my BFF Jana. We met 10 years ago at EAC where we were roomates. WE'd sit around gossipping, cooking (She's taught me about 90% of my cooking skills), riding around in "Baptism" (that's what we named her car), or waxing various body parts. It was probably my favorite non married year of my life! And we've pretty much seen each other, called each other every week since then. I was her bridesmaid, she was mine. We spend almost every THanksgiving together, and we talk a few times a week. She's the one that gives me a lot of my crafty ideas. She's amazing. She's pregnant right now with #6, i used to try to catch up, but when she was pregnant with #5 right after I had #3, I decided to let her win. She home schools, and the oldest is only 8. She does an amazing job at it and makes it so fun for them. She's also one of those wives that makes all 3 meals everyday, and they're SO GOOD!!! Like Vonda, I sometimes get annoyed with how perfect she is, and how she can do so much when I feel overwhelemed with just a few things, but I am so grateful to be able to know her. She's inspiring, creative, thoughtful, and SO STINKIN SKINNY!

Um, I can't find half of my pictures today (yes<>

This picture I like to call, "two hot girls in a really bad photography moment". It was a long windy day.

Top 5 favorite things about Jana:

1. SO Selfless

2. Amazing homemaker

3. Jack of ALL trades, no lie!

4. Has put up with me for this long!

5. Got me through the hardest years of my life when pretty much all of my other friends dropped me for 3 years. She sent me fun packages, called a few times a week adn e mailed.

Happy 30th Birthday Vonda and Jana (heehee)


Our Little World said...

Kristal, please tell me how you got thru your last year here (see my recent post on my blog). I am so burned out and want a freakin' break and want my husband around, you know, just a little! Ugh!

And I remember you talking about your friend Jana when you were here and how she was still there for you when no one else was. So awesome to have such an amazing friend like that.

alison said...

Hey Kristal, I love the pict of your family, you look gorgeous! Your boobs are huge in that pict by the way. I wish I could lose weight without losing all my boobs, not that I have a whole lot in that dept even at my size. Glad you have such a great sis and friend. Hope they had afun b-days!

Down Home Happiness said...

thanks for the happy birhtday! stop talking me up to be something and someone I'm not! Don't forget you've done the same for me and that is what true friends are for-hence the ten years. You have helped me survive the hardest year of my life

Brad and Kimberly Lester Family said...

Is Randa Bollwinkle your sister? It looks like her in that family picture. We are friends and were in the same ward for 5 years...we just moved to Utah.

Vonda said...

Happy Birthday Saturday cute Janna and you are all that and a bag of BBQ chips!

Tamee said...

Totally agree.

Solid post!