Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another day in Paradise....

Ah, the next day, which I'm thinking is Friday. We were up a few hours before everyone, and before breakfast was ready, so we would walk around the resort and play in the beach, and I would set up the camera and make Jase push the button and RUN, like this picture for example.... I just wanted one picture where my thighs didnt' touch, oh, and YES my upper back is much tanner than my lower back because most of my suits are 1 peice and cover my back.
A little warning about the next pictures...he's taken, and very in love, so back off....
I love these pictures. The first one makes me giggle. He's soo cute.
I would lay out while Jase would snorkle around the peirs. For some reason I was really nervous to snorkel around the peirs, but I went on all of the snorkeling excursions in the middle of the ocean, with the deep water and bigger fish. I'm weird like that. But here is a cool bird that I snapped a picture of. He was REALLY scared of me. You can see it in his eyes. But he would bend his neck around if I went behind him. I made him so nervous.
This is just a shot of the resort that I took. This is the side with all of the water sports that we did. Did I already write all of the water sports we did? I'm doing it again, just to make sure for my blurb book. We did the hobiecats (windsailing), just the two of us, everyday, and Jase windsurfed, and kayaking. We did the dumb pedal boats, but they were lame.
Alright, and we forgot to check the picture before we left, because we wanted to redo this picture because as you can tell it's the same Sandal's we stayed at in Jamaica, but we didn't quite get it right (we LOVE The Office)
So close
This was my view almost every morning...not too bad. Oh, and if you click on the pic to blow it up, you'll notice the most amazing pedicure EVER!!!! If anyoen ever wants to go get one in 3 weeks when I'm in the valley again, I'm game. They do amazing things!
My little froggy.

Another pic I took while sitting on the pier. I love these cabanas. It's like the robes at the hotels. You can't have an exotic vacation without the tiki cabanas. They did massages and candlelit dinners in them. Neither of which we did because they were $150 each. But we did sit in them a lot.

Us for our first "dress up" night. There were 3 or 4 resturants at the resort that we had to dress up for. It kinda stunk the first few days because I had NO control over my hair. The humidity was nuts and I have naturally wavey hair with curls around the it's thin, so all and all it's the worst combination of hair for humidity, but after a few days I learned a good combination of the 3 million products I brought to fight the frizz. But just know, this picture was still frizzy.
Jase told me to take a picture of this hillside as the sun was setting, I todl him I have no idea how to get the exposure right on it...obviously, but it still ended up pretty sweet. This hillside was the OTHER edge of the resort. We couldn't go past this hillside, but we didn't know why. Jase snorkled over there one morning.
Us, Kissing.
So, this is pretty much how the trip went
wake up
swim til the resturants open
eat a lot
swim/water sport
go to snack bar and get a little snack like an ENTIRE bacon cheeseburger, or a huge plate of nachos
go change and go eat a huge lunch
go to the room and watch dumb movies and sleep for a couple of hours
shower change
eat a huge dinner
bring home 4-7 desserts (honestly) and eat them in bed while watching more dumb movies or the weather channel (I was freaked out about the hurricanes)
Oh, speaking of, did I already say this
we hit Jamaica 2 days after Fay (which didn't hit it hard, just lots of storms) and 1 day before Gustav, which trashed the place?! How blessed are we??!!!
Alright, prepare for the next day, hopefully I'll get to it today.


Our Little World said...

You are smokin' HOT! Your hair looks great and you guys are so much fun!

Miken Harding said...

How fun-your so lucky. Some day we'll get to do a fun trip like that! Sooner than later I hope! Looking good in the bikini!

Crystal said...

I *LOVE* that you took the Michael/Jan/Sandals Jamaica (it's all inculsive!) picture. That's totally classic.

Amy John said...

I cannot believe how crystal clear the water is. So awesome!

Adams Family said...

okay you are seriously hot. i'd never have the guts to show that much bod, but you are hot!

Becky said...

Wow, you're trip looks awesome. You look hot and fabulous. Love the wedding pictures. I think we may need to look into doing that next year. I'm jealous.

LuAnne said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Your pics are great :)

Alona said...

Funny "The Office" picture! Love it! You guys got us hooked on that show!