Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh my gosh, I'm so mad. I just did the longest post every and it's gone! i hate computers. Anyway, summary, pics of my kids playing. I cleaned out the toyroom because the only toys they play with are trains, matchbox cars, puzzles and books. We're turning it into a guest room. Kids fav toys, trampoline, bikes, dirt, rocks, holes, chickens and the toys listed above.

Kids hugging Kids playing in rocks...I know, he's a hippie boy, but I'm NOT repeat...NOT cutting his hair! I love it long!

They decided to lay in the rocks for a few shots, which I preferred to them throwing the rocks at me.

Ok, and then here, I told about our fun girls weekend, and I don't feel like retyping it all, but we had a fun girls weekend, filled with CPK (twice), Paradise bakery, hobby lobby (my personal disneyland, love that place), pedicures, women's broadcast, michaels, kirkland's, costco, and then off to jesterz followed by Nielson's custard's cobbler and grinders.

Then Sunday, a morning of peaches and Enchanted, followed by going to Kayla';s church because she's the youngest ever RS president, ok, maybe not, but the youngest we've ever heard of...18! She's awesome. Then we tried to make it to Jamison's setting apart as a priest (weird), but we missed it, then we left town....whilst visiting about 10 more places. It was a great trip and K was perfect the whole weekend! Well, other than a couple of short tiffs with Tess, which were forgtten within seconds.


The Sanderson Family said...

Kristal I am so jealous that you went to Neilson's Custard!! I LOVE that place! Cute pics of your kids by the way! I want to see your pedicure! Is it as awesome as your last one?

Burgess said...

His hair is amazing. You better not cut it!

Koi said...

I just went to Nielson's for the first time last week. I found it very confusing, but pretty good. So you didn't happen to bring any MaryKay stuff when you came did you? I have pimples from using crap for the last month. Not real crap, just crappy stuff.

Alona said...

Bossy's shirt ROCKS!