Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years....going back!

For 2017 I've decided to go back to my old ways of blogging.  I'm being done with Instagram and I've been off Facebook for a year now, and don't miss it a drop (except I don't find out church and dance crap until it's over) but I don't miss the hours that I saved by not looking through pictures and posts and status updates that did me and my sweet little family NO GOOD at all.  WE LOVE looking back through our old blog books, and even though the kids love chat books, I feel like Instagram still wastes too much of my time and  I don't get as detailed on there, so here I am, back to blogging!
Of course, I'm starting January 1st and have a goal to blog at least once a week, and also to use my REAL camera and NOT my phone camera for pictures on here.  I always love them more.  These pictures are just us after Church 3 weeks ago on our front porch.  We did get all of our outfits (Christmas formal...went ALL out since we haven't done family pictures in 3 years) but our photographer felt intimidated by taking fancy ones (I also wanted to have wrapped gifts around our feet, I think my effort scared her off, haha), so the week before she let me know and I asked my niece to take them, which she was cool with, but when she was taking them, she let us know that she HATES family pictures, and it kinda showed, but after 500 pictures, Boston decided he had to poop, and we told him to hold it, and he didn't, and that was the end of family pictures thanks to a quart of eggnog that he chugged in a chug challenge from uncle Bill.  Funny story now, but I cried and cried.  So no family pictures except the ones this tripod did for us, which I have to say are my favorites since  adding Tru to the group.  I really, really, insanely love these rugger snuggers! I'm so grateful EVERYDAY that Heavenly Father has sent them to be an eternal part of my life.  Each one of them adds so much to me and who I am and my days.  They're all so different....even though they look a lot alike.  2017 is the year of the Mulders.  We sat down today and made some great family goals and got our vacations planned, and set some new traditions and kept some old and figured out how to deal with screen/electronics time since we are now gamers...I got Jase and xbox and he got me a Wii for christmas...haha!

 Boston is so full of smiles.  He's usually the hardest to get a good face out of for pictures though.  He likes to look away a lot and has sensitive eyes so he blinks a lot and does this huge eye face thing, but this face.....this face....

 WE also got to see a few Santa's this year.  This is the one at the elementary school.  Tru actually liked and Vivian however....

 And here's just a random shot of these two littles in Tru's room.
 This year we all got Christmas PJ's....Boston doesn't wear shirts at night, so he put on a random shirt with his Star Wars pj bottoms...and Jaden wasn't a fan of his, but I did get him to wear them a few times...even once in public!

Here's to a ridiculously amazing Mulder 2017!!!

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foreveryoung said...

So glad you're back to blogging! My kids love looking through my blog books as well and it's the only thing keeping me going! Have a wonderful new year to your beautiful family!