Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bumble bee bear

I LOOVE watching Tru sleep. This week he fell asleep on me as I was watching TV, when I should have been working out, but he wanted to cuddle, and I canNOT resist.  So I held him for a while then laid him down then had to take pictures so I could remember how perfect he is forever.  SERIOUSLY...PERFECT!!!! The kids love putting this Hong Kong outfit on him and calling him the bumble bee bear.  It's hilarious on because his big ole belly pokes out and makes it even more adorable!!

 This week I vowed to keep the cookie jar filled....then today I vowed to unvow it!  I made over 90 cookies and they lasted 3 days!  I can't keep up!...and we'll all be diabetic if I do!  But it was fun, and I was the "cool" mom for a couple of days.  now I'm back to just regular just dance queen mom, which in my book would have been the coolest, but whatev.

This week I also went to volleyball, Zumba, turbo kick, planned my 20 year school reunion, ordered a super cool thing called a Kidbox...go HERE and check it out.  I was a bit nervous at first, but the girl that I learned about it from dresses her kids so cute, so I gave it a try for Boston, and they sent THE cutest stuff for only $88.  It's a bunch of Lucky and humanity for all mankind and RL clothes that are super cute and all go together...which HE HAS to have.   It was 3 shirts, 3 pants and a sweater. They send a box every season. I think I'll sign Kam or Tru up next.  If you use that link you get $25 off of your first box...and you can cancel after that!

and my NEW favorite thing of the week is THE FITNESS MARSHALL!!!!!! I'm so glad my nieces introduced him to me. I can't stop doing his dances!  Jaden's friends come over and I make them do it with me....since he won't. It's so much fun!

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