Friday, January 6, 2017

First week of 2017

This week was a great first week of the new year.  Everyone is still on a bit of a Christmas high, but also excited about our new goals this year.  The kids are getting along better than usual...I'd like to think it's because of our latest positivity quarter system....which I do have to say, Vivian is already down $1.25.  ha!  The diet is going well so far.  Down 8 pounds in 4 days, and definitely detoxing.  I've had a couple of headaches, and my skin is breaking out a bit.  Hopefully both of those are gone in a week or two.
Other goals, well, I did yell at one child yesterday, to which I loaded up the littles and went for a quick drive, came back and apologized and we were good.  Hopefully I"ll get to the point that I catch myself before I say a thing.  I've gotten so critical lately and I hate it.  I want to raise happy, uplifting, laughy kids!  This year it's all changing for the Mulders!  Ok, not ALL changing, I'm happy with most of my family life...I just want way way less negativity.
Now onto the cuteness.  True and Pearce LLOOVVEE taking baths together.  And seeing them laugh and hearing their giggles makes the flooded bathroom.
 And this girl....I CANNOT keep her off the counters!  Makes me so nervous. I tell her I'll get her whatever she needs from the uppers but she's Ms. Independent.  She cracks me up.  She's either yelling at someone, pinching the baby (gets lots of time to think about her naughtiness when this happens) or she's dancing and talking overly sweet to everyone!  She loves to say, "mom, you so sweet and so nice and so pretty"...always fishing for a compliment, but I love it!   Yesterday when we were looking for the kitty she took the blankets out of the blanket basket and said, "I FOUND THE KITTY", which we knew wasn't true, so I said "vivvy, don't say that, that's a lie" and she very seriously said, "I know, I always lie".....which she has struggled with for a few months now.  She's seriously a handful. I love her!!!!

Oh, one more is my last Instagram post.  I'm a bit nervous to be 100% off of social media, but I know it'll only be good for me and my family. It's crazy how I feel like I'm taking away something so big, but it's just a stupid app that wastes time!  AHHH!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness your kids have gotten soo big, they are absolutely beautiful!!!