Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break 2014

On the last two days in Cali we used our season passes and visited Universal Studios again. Sadly the big area in the middle with the huge water park and ball shooting area was closed…and will be closed for almost two years because they're turning it into some stinking Harry Potter land thingy.  And the Waterworld show was closed for renovations, AND the Minion Mahem ride that the kids were so excited about opens NEXT WEEK!!!@  SERIOUSLY?!  Ah well.  We all had a great time anyway.  Vivian and Pearce just LOVED going around and seeing all of the  characters and they did love a few of the rides.
  Here are a few shots of Vivvy trying to get into Puss's little star door.

 We went to the animal stunt show a few times.  It was Kam and Pearcen's favorite.  After one of the shows they had the star of Beverly Hills Chihuahua for them to meet.  They were pretty excited…although the dog wasn't too thrilled with Vivian.  He was getting feisty and Vivvy just wanted to pet him…hoping there would have been a lawsuit there, but his trainer quickly grabbed his attention with a scoot snack.

Speaking of Scooby, Pearce was super excited when he spotted these guys.  Vivvian and I were a little freaked out and Kam just wasn't feeling too hot that last day (we ate SO many hamburgers and shakes this trip, ugh)
 I didn't' get to be there for these last few encounters, but I was told that they were AAAMMMAZING!  Filled with many high fives.

 And as always, SpongeBob made himself at home with our family.

 Donkey was pretty amazed with Vivvy's vocals.  She was screaming up a naughty 2 year old storm about 30 feet away, and he was talking to other people and kept asking, "what's that sound?!  is that a pterodactyl?"  
 And this picture was just in the mix and I like it because they're cute!

 This may have been Vivian's favorite part of the whole trip…these two….who she has NO idea who they are….

 These 2 minions got to meet 2 other minions.  It was awesome!!!
 Again with the high fives all around!

And Jaden…ahhh, Jaden and Dracula have a thing…a rivalry?  a bond?  I don't know, but he always wants to suck Jaden's blood.

 Simpson's ride/land, not our favorite, but it's there, so we always take part.

 Another favorite moment for the 2 littles….their good friend Dowadowadowa!!!!

 It was a great couple of days! I love having season passes so we don't' have to cram it all into one day, and we don't' have to pay a ton for hoppers.

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