Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break 2014

So our first day there, I didn't get many pictures because I was too busy trying to count heads and keep everyone alive.  But we got a nice breakfast with J at Panera before he had to take off for a couple of days…and yes, we're the family with 5 kids!  Sheesh Californians!  it's not that weird!  This time I even had 2 ladies pass me and after they passed me with the kids i heard one of them say, "how many are there?"  I turned around and said, "5, there's five!".  Most people are nice about it and think it's awesome.   A lot just give the usual, "got your hands full".  DUH!  Not only are we the freaks in Cali, but we noticed there are NO minivans in Cali.  Maybe one to every 200 cars!  It was crazy.  Anyway, back to the first day. 
 We found these awesome bushes that were cut so that it was easy to run around and hide and sneak around.  The kids played hide and go seek there for about an hour one day and an hour another day.  It was a lot of fun to watch them and help them cheat.  Yup, Im' that mom.

After this adventure, we went swimming for a couple of hours, then I took the 2 babies upstairs for naps for a couple of hours (don't' worry, our room looks out to the pool).  Then I made everyone get changed and not touch, not talk, not walk out of line.  Just kidding…but I did make them change so we looked a little less white trash than we really are.
 The day ended with a  nice long walk to a nearby mall where J met us and picked us up and took us to dinner at the Melting pot for some cheese and chocolate.   Awesome day!

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