Wednesday, March 12, 2014


On day 3 we finally got to play at the beach…our favorite! We found a nice beach…kinda crowded, but we like people watching…and people really liked watching this one…..

 She just woke up right before I took these, that's why we have no smiles…

 But finally, right when she had enough people watching, she let out a big, "CHEEEEEESE"….
 The boys and Kam loved playing in the tide pools and catching crabs and sea snails.

 Vivian was pretty much afraid to stand alone on a rock, afraid of the water, afraid of the crabs…

 My favorite part of the beach was when this guy brought this little shell to me and said, "Mom, I can hear the ocean in this, listen to it!"

 Finally Vivian found a happy spot….on a blanket with some kettle corn.

 This awesome guy wanted to get buried again….

 And you know what's going to happen if you lay and relax in the sand and you're a dad of 5 young kids…..YOU GET BOOBS!!!!!

 And even though I HATE my hair right now, and am at a horrible weight…I LOVE these pictures!!!! and I LOVE this baby even more!!!

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Amy John said...

So this is the best post. Ever.