Monday, January 7, 2013

Slacker Slacker!

Ok, I have SO many fun pictures and events to post about, but I'm just a big ole slacker.  The kids go back to school tomorrow, and we're going on a little trip, but after that, I'm catching up!  In the meantime, I'm leaving some pictures of today.  Vivvy was in the best mood today..she was laughing about everything and smiling anytime anyone made eye contact with her..but as Jase said, she looks like a boy today.  WHAT?!  He's ridiculous!
 I just LOVE cuddling with her at this age.  Jase and I always said with our first 4 that 10 months is when they start getting fun.  10 months to age 4 is our favorite.  They are crazy insane messes, but so fun and funny and still so loving and cuddly!
 Kam was taking pictures.  She kinda went crazy....just like she does anytime she gets the camera.
 Viv loves to go up inside the light...weird, I know...but it's cool.
 And as of this week...she kisses! I LOVE IT!!!! Well, ok, she goes in to eat your lips when you say "kisses?!" and pucker up.  Then she cracks up and throws her head back.
 like this.  She loves to throw her head back and see everything upside down.
 I just adore this little squishy pot and her spaced out teeth.  I want to bite her little cheekies off.

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