Friday, January 18, 2013


Christmas was nice this year.  We drove home from Grandma and Grandpa Hatch's house Christmas even night through a crazy awesome storm.  Christmas morning was nice and quick and everyone was happy.

 Viv liked Boston's drum set.  Santa "brought him" the drum set early (he found it in the shed, ugh!) because he was so so good this year......but he put it out again Christmas morning.
 This girl made out this year.  She got the biggest load, hence the adorable smile of satisfaction....
 Jase was in charge of hiding Buddy and Fred Christmas Eve...he put on quite the production.....

 Um, cutest rock star EVER!!!!
 This guy did get other things, but you would never know....he plays with cars, tractors and trains all day everyday and has all year!  I love it!

 Christmas Eve we got to open the grandma presents.  She got them all awesome rolling duffle bags.  We had a great time up there with all the cousins.  A bit of a scar with Grandma...ok a huge scare that still has me shaken up.  I wish they were still 50!  or 60! I really like them.

 Grandpa and Vivvy were side by side all weekend long.  She would crawl around looking for him, and likewise, he would ask for Vivian first thing every morning.

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