Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Picnic Day

New years day we decided to go to this little pond/lake and hike a bit, fish a bit, eat some soup and play around for Jase's last day off with the kids.  I kinda went crazy with the camera (big surprise) so endure.
 Yes, I dress her in her fancy french outfits for picnics in the dirt...what of it?!
 This monkey boy cracks me up!  He ends every sentence high pitched and with big eyes. I really don't want him to grow up anymore!

 I told you, just endure....there's lots more....

What?  A thermos?!  Yup, I'm pretty proud of this antique store find. and it kept our good earth tea hot for us.
 Yuuup, lots and lots more. I just couldn't figure out which ones to not add for the blog book, and trust me, I deleted lots.
 I LOOOOOVE these. i want them in a huge canvas!

 Pearcen's face in this one...Mmm, best big brother!

And again, Thanks to my little photographer Kam.....

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