Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly inspiration

So you all know that for years, anything red and turquoise, or red and pink, or red polka dot has inspired me. Um, guess who's inspiring who? BHG magazine just had an article saying that the new colors together are red and turquoise. heck yes it is! And so of coarse, I'm ready to paint my bedroom walls a different color (they're turquoise). Gotta be ahead of the game. ha. But for now, an adorable Christmas baby in front of my favorite red amoire.
Ok, but now for MY inspiration. Jase and I went on our first date (besides the temple) since A MONTH, and we went to Flag and watched Morning Glory, and my review is that Rachael McAdams is the prettiest girl ever (not hottest, prettiest). She is sooo pretty. But back to my inspration. I LOVE that she wore whatever. A lot of the time it was businessy stuff, but she wore some fun casual stuff. And I realized, in the movie she was supposed to be 28...I consider 28 to have been my prime. I felt soo good at 28, working out everyday, able to run and play with the kids all day, go hiking, etc....but then I thought...wait a flippin second. Who swam 2 miles this summer, and at least a mile every other day and all through the fall ran 2-3 miles? yea, and I'm 31 people...THIRTY ONE! My prime is yet to come. So I dont' want to keep wearing mormon mom clothes. I wanna dress fun and spunky and crazy (still modest though). I just wanna wear whatever colors I want. I wanna wear rainboots when it's not raining. I want to wear tight red pants with a pink shirt and leopard shoes. I told Jase outta nowhere last night on our way home, "I want to wear what I want to wear!". He asked "what do you mean?" I said, "I just want to wear whatever I want to wear!" So, I'm going to slowly change my budget allows (not much for a while). But be forwarned, I'll be the weird girl again.
My real life inspiration???
My cousin in law in law...Rachael Mulder (she's dan and rach on the sidebar Mulders...super fun blog, unless you don't like couples w/o kids that are way in love...don't go there)
but I LOVE what she wears all the time...and yea, it helps that she's got an amazing figure, super great smile AND that hair! But you know what...I'm growing my hair back, and I'm back on a diet, and, ok, my smile will always be lame, but I'll play up my ey es people! Check out some of her rockin outfits.

And this was just an outfit on another blog (dont' know the girl) that I love~


RACHAEL said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! i am literally red in the face and my heart is beating so fast right now?? yes... i feel so unworthy and flustered and flattered and excited all at the same time. HOW COME YOU ARE THE BEST AND SWEETEST??!! can't wait until we can hang out again and we'll go SHOPPING and get inspired!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristal said...

Haha, you're funny. But seriously. I love seeing your outfits. And I feel soo old and boring. Ask anyone in HS and college, I wore what I wanted, and I loved it, and some people loved it,a nd some thought I was a weirdee. But I want it back. I want to wear belts with t shirts, and rainboots with shirts and leggings, and red plaid with polka dot! I wish you didn't live so many states away so you could help me get started! Now go put something crazy awesome on and post it!

Ashley Lois said...

i'm totally with you on the rainboots thing! i've been wanting some for months now. i really wanted to buy a zebra print pair that was at burlington, but i had just bought some heels the day before. ugh, i am so obsessed with shoes.

Elissa said...

both you and rachael are gorgeous, sassy, and inspirational. cute post.

i miss you.
lets be neighbors.