Monday, November 15, 2010

Things I'm anticipating

So I realize I'm off on my days of my blogging schedule, but I STILL think it's helping me hit all areas.
Today I'm going to do recomendations and anticipations

I'd first off like to recomend that everyone gets and Old Navy Card. Ok, that's bad, I know, but seriously the perks and rewards are worth it...if you can stay on top of it. I just got SOOO MANY clothes for all of us, ok, no scratch that, it was all for me, Jase, Pearce and Boss (the other two have too many clothes) for $55!!!! (that includes shipping and tax!)
Second recomendation...this PIE I keep wanting to make it for everyone, and we make two everytime, but we keep two and eat two everytime. Sorry everyone. Seriously, I've thought about making one for most everyone in town, but it NEVEr happens! I'm sure I'll get tired of them sometime and actually get one delivered, but for now, we eat them for at least 2 meals a day. bad again, I know
Third recomendation...dinner swaps! My friends Sharee and Amy and I are doing dinner swaps. I have Monday nights (we're all having lasagna, salad and garlic bread tonight) and Tuesday nights, we're hoping to fill with someone, sharee makes something amazing (pizza and salad last week) then Amy has Thursday nights (the best taco salad I've ever lie, last week). Then the weekends, we're on our own. But I'm loving it so far. 2 days of the week to not fret about what's for dinner. And I get my Monday meals done during afternoon naptime, so we still have lots of time for FHE. It's good. I recomend.

Ok, now onto my top 3 anticipations:
1. JoAnns to finally reopen in Flag.
2. My hair to grow back.
3. To find out what Dani is having!!!!


Woodside's said...

Hey, I e-mailed you my address the same day you sent me that e-mail so if you do not have the e-mail I sent you let me know and I will send it again. Come visit me sometime. I would love to see you.

dani said...

I wanna do a dinner swap! Lucky! except I only have 2 people to feed. Yay for #3 and yay for the 22nd!

Staci said...

Tried the pumpkin pies and they are delish! Thanks for the recipe!

Levi and Suzi said...

I'm with ya on the Joann's re-opening. I asked the ladies at the Prescott store and they said January.