Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! LOVE IT! Seirously LOVE IT! Nothing better in the world than that first morning when you wake up and you feel the chill! I absoulutely LOVE IT! And now I'd like to share some of my favorites of the season. Of coarse, clothes.
Ok, this first ditty, not fally, but I'm so in love with it and I want it so badly, adn I KNOW it'd be a shirt for me, and I'm not cute, skinny and black like her, but I WANT IT!!! BAD!!!!
um, and I've decided to start buying more nautical. I love it, and it's classic. This is a little too gold, not enough red, but I like this collection....
And everyone knows I'm IN LOVE with this cardigan, and that someday, it WILL be mine! It will!!!!
But for this year, maybe just this sweater....with some awesome turquoise jewlrey and red shoes!
A small break from the clothing side of things. I know this is a weird thing, but in my life, it's a good thing...I like the shorter hours of means more hours of Jase inside. He feels like he has to be outside working if the sun is up...even if it's outside sitting on the swing, or outside talking to the neighbors, it's like he'll explode if he's inside while the sun is up.
Of coarse, fall folliage! This year I'm really really excited for it because we might possibly be going to vermont and maine next month! I think the farther east you go the more amazing the fall leaves are. I thought Texas was amazing, but just looking at the pictures of Vermont in the fall I can tell it's even better.
Back to clothes....I'd prefer this shirt on me instead of on line!!!!!
And this one even more...but this picture depresses me because I wanted my hair to grow up to be this long, and I lost patience and am now suffering the consequences. But LOVE the cardigan.
I just need this to go under all the cute cardigans that I'd be buying in Kristalville (not a real place, obviously)
Ok, next fall favorite. I LOVE making soup, any kind. not stews though, just soups. Jase doesn't like them during the summer and spring, so I feel like I'm holding all my favorite cooking in until fall.
Another cute cardigan that I need in off white.
And now ladies and gentlemen...what I'm about to bring you next will not only amaze and fatten you up, but it will make you happy and bring you great comfort and joy....
PUMPKIN PIE!!!! We've already had two. We tend to eat them out of the crust and feed the chickens the crust and I only use 3/4 the sugar it asks for, so I figure it's pretty healthy. Plus I just found an even more healthy recipe, so I think this will be our breakfast of choice for the next few months. no lie!
Oh my gosh! How could I also forget that prime time starts back up! Heck yes...even though we just canceled our Dish today. haha. Thank goodness for Hulu and netflix. But can't wait for Community and the Office. yay!!!!!

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