Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And now to my Dolly....

My favorite things about Kam right now?
Her gapface
That she loves to be Pearcey's mommy
That she can play as tough as the boys (many times tougher)
That she loves to do arts and crafts like me.
That she wants to help with every meal.
That she's starting to not make goofy faces when a camera is pointed at her.
Mom: Kam, do you think that we look alike?
Kam: Mmm, not really?
M: Who's cuter?
K: Mmmmmm mmmmm.....BOTH!
M: Good Answer

M: What if you're the only other girl in our family and we just keep getting boys?
K: Then we need to have a stinkin girl...(laughing, "who are you sending this to mom?"
M: But what if we don't get another stinkin girl? What if it's just you and me? FOREVER!
K: (thinking) then we should just give some boys away, then have 3 girls and 3 boys.
M: Where are we going to get the girls?
K: Well, if you have a wishbone, you coudl wish for a girl, or if I do.
M: Good idea!

M: What's your favorite thing to do with your brothers?
K: Play games with them, and play in that dut (dirt) with them. Jump on the tramp, um, go out and feed the chickens with them and go to the cousins house and play with them, and go to their friends house and play with them.

M: What if you got to spend a whole day with just Jaden. What would you want to do?
K: Go and buy ice cream. (long pause filled with intense thinking) and then go and spend 2 whole weeks at Aspen Grove with him.

M: What are you most excited for this school year?
K:That we're in new grades and we get new teachers and we learn equals and the abc's and the numbers.

M: What's your favorite thing to do before you go to bed?
K: Watch a fun movie with you guys.

M: What's your favorite thing to do when you wake up?
K: to make breakfast with you.
M: I love you Kam, you're awesome. Let's make breakfast tonight!

M: What was your favorite thing that we did this summer?
K: Go and play with the cousins.
M: Where?
K: At the pool and at their house.
M: What about Aspen Grove?
K: I liked to play the games. I liked to go in our groups. And I like when we got to have that big fight, that water balloon fight they used to throw at us and we had a big thing at the park, at the last day at Aspen Grove. And I really want to go back to there.
M: It was awesome. What's your favorite ice cream?
K:Like all my kinds?
M: yup.
K: Bubble gum, mint, M&M's, chocolate chip, gummi bears, and strawberry.

M: What should we do for fall break this year?
K:(cutest thinking face ever) Go and do fun stuff at places.
M: Like what and where?
K: Like peter piper pizzas, chuck e cheeses, subway,
M: Youd rather go to those places than disneyland, the beach, the cousins??
K: Ok, Disneyland and Sea World and um hawaii.
M: Ok ok, now you're talkin.

M: What do you think about dad?
K: Um, I like to have dates with him.
M: And do what?
K: And when you and Jaden are going on dates, I like to watch cool movies and make cookies with dad. And play spongebob cranium and Pictureka.
M: You've played that with dad? I thought you only played that with me.
K: Well....I'd like to!

M: What do you think about me?
K: You are the awesomest mom. and then we'll let him go! (sang) Did you really just write that? (laughing) I think you're cool and not tired, and sometimes you're mad at us and that's all.
M: why do I get mad at you?
K: When you tell us to do something and we're lazy then you just get mad at us.
M: True.

M: What do you think about this picture below?
K: It's cute. I like it. I like the bow and I like how I smile.
M: I do too.
M:You're awesome Kam. Anything else you wanna say?
K: NOpe! Now am I done?

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K Bailey said...

So cute. Love her answers.