Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ahh, Saturday

Today is a relaxing planned out Saturday. It's 6 and I just sent Jase to get a dresser off the side of the street that I CAN NOT wait for. I spotted it last night and asked the girl about it and she said it's junk and they have too many, I LOVE Junk and we're short one perfect is that?!
Then we're going for a run (yup, we're still running 3 days later. haha) Then packing everyone up and going to soccer games, then up to the white mountains for some fishing!
After fishing it's the 100th (just about) annual Adams family cookout. I can't wait! It's one of my favorites. Not many of my cousins my age even go, and no one else except my parents go afrom my family, but I LOVe taking the kids up ther efor that experience and memory. It's a lot of fun.

Now onto reason #135,437 of why I'm still chubby and holding on to this last 10lbs....
However, the weight isn't depressing me like it used to a couple of years ago. Nothing is actually. In fact most days, I look around and realize, "my life is better than anyone I know's life". And I truely feel that way. There are people that I know have great lives, and things all fall together for them, but I just don't believe that they love their kids as much as I do, or that they have as much fun around the house as we do, or that they can be content doing NOTHING for a date with their husband like I do. ok ok, I'll admit it, there's one thing in my life that I'm not fond hair, but I think I'll even be loving that her ein a month or so. Anyway, I just really love how much the kids are loving their lives lately. They love to be home, they love to run off the bus and tell me all about what happened at school. And I've even had it together enough most days to have an awesome home snack ready when they get home, so they come, sit down, eat, tell me about everything, then run off and play together....ok, they don't always play together peacefully, but they've been doing a lot better at that too. I'd like to give love and logic more credit there too. Anyway, my life is PERFECT....for the moment...and for the last couple of weeks.
Oh, and another reason for my happiness right now...I just got my first of 9 gallery wraps in yesterday!!! And I ordered 2 more. But I'll only have the 3 until their bi annual sale in January, then hopeuflly another 3. But I'm soo excited. I've wanted a canvas wall for years and it's finally coming together!

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Lanae said...

i feel exactly the same way right now! i keep telling bri i am going to jinx things, but our lives are truely charmed. thanks for the sat am post. have a great weekend