Monday, August 30, 2010

Projects, Ipods and MUD!!!!

Finally finished a couple of my projects. We found an old beat up dresser on the side of the road here in town, and I didn't even care how crappy it was, Kam NEEDS A DRESSER! So we loaded it up, and I picked whatever color of paint I first saw at Home Depot and luckily it all worked out! I love it! Oh, we also bought some cute knobs for it at Target. Jase just has to fix the inside track on a couple of the drawers. I love it. And hopefully after this weekend's shoots I will have her bedding and curtains ordered and FINALLY have the little girl's room I've always wanted for her...and just in time for her to enjoy it for a year or two before she wants to do whatever to her room...ugh! She's been soo awesome lately though. So girly and fun and sweet. I have always know how cute she is, but this week I just stare at her a lot, she's beautiful! her eyes and skin and hair. Lucky girl. I have no idea where she got that hair, but thanks to daddy for that skin and those eyes. She's a dolly. She wants me to do a shoot with her, but she has infintigo on her face right now...ugh. Gotta love school germs.Our table has had scratches....big scratches in it since the first month we had it. I don't think there was a sealant on it, so I've wanted to paint it forever. This summer I found a picture of how I wanted to paint it so that Jase wouldn't think I was nuts, and he liked it, so we did it...and we LOVE IT! The kids really love it.
Even though Jase's birthday isn't til the 13th, I had to give him his gift yesterday. I was too excited and we're both too excited to have it...and IPOD NANO!!! For our running. We've been using our crappy mp3 and we can hardly hear it and it sounds like crap, but we're already loving the nano.
Yesterday, Dolly sat at the table for SIX hours making bracelets and necklaces for EVERYONE from her teacher to grandma, to all of us. Jaden made me a bracelet that said "sesy"....he said it's sexy. I LOVE HIM. Kam made us all really great necklaces too that we are all wearing. She's awesome!
Ah, and Saturday, I got on the computer while Jase ran to his office for a sec and all 3 of the older kids went out and got under the trampoline and COVERED in mud. I loved Boston's face after it dried up...he looks like an old man. But seriously, I'm SO tired of mud. Can't wait for grass next year.


Lanae said...

okay, so I have no "tradeable" skills but I need your knowledge to paint my kitchen table...yikes! even just some advise would be great. thanks

LuAnne said...

i'm glad she only has impetigo. She told me at church on sunday that she had ring worm... freaked me out a little :) Cute dresser... I love it!

Woodside's said...

I love the dresser and the table! Kam's room looks like it is adoarble. I think I should come to Joe City and see it in person sometime:)