Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Bossy

Things I love about my 4 year old Boston:
He comes straight to my side of the bed or straight to me if I'm already awake, EVERY morning with a big smile.
He tells me "I not a pumpkin" when I call him my sweet pumpkin boy.
He's ALWAYS happy (not always nice, but always happy)
His awesome shagalicious hair!
That he is such a good eater. He'll eat whatever we feed him, and he prefers fruit and vegetables
That most nights he sneaks out after the older 2 have fallen asleep and comes to hang out with Jase and I on the couch.
His persistance with his speach. He really wants people to be able to understand him and he doesn't usually get frustrated, just keeps trying.
His big brown eyes
His HUGE smile
Now it's time for our first ever interview with the BOSS!
Mom: Boston, who's your favorite?
Boston: Baba (Grandpa) Who yours davit mama?

M: I like Grandpa too. What do you like for breakfast?
B: Toast and that all.

M: What's your favorite thing to do outside?
B: Pay with Ridge, and dat one (pointing to garrett's picture)
M: What kind of party are you going to have for your next birthday?
B: Huh? I don't know Wet's do (makes noises with lips), huh? wet's do da baby, baby want party.

M: Are you excited to ride the bus in a week?
B: yea, i do da big one.

M: What are you going to learn at school?
B: Don know. Turch? (church)

M: What do you think about your dad?
B: he not coo, you cool (pointing to me...nice). dad, cooot.
M: What do you think about your mom?
B: Cooot. You awesome!

Thanks Bossy, I think you're awesome! I LOVE that you always ask, "dat awesome?" It's my favorite!


Beth said...

You're such a good mom! And.... your boys are so cute!

Woodside's said...

Boston is so adoarble! I also LOVE that fun! I love the picture with your four precious kids. I just want to come take that cute little Pearce...I love him:)

Burgess said...

I wish Izzy could grow shaggy hair like that!