Wednesday, July 8, 2009

same O

So, not much has been up with me. Just being pregnant, tired, cleaning and eatting. My sister is in town, so we've had a lot of hot games of rummikub and cards. But my homelife is still the nice day to day. WE are however getting ready for our "christmas in july" this saturday. And I'm still the enrichment leader which is nuts since I'm the biggest slacker, procrastinator, craft/domestic hater ever right now. I used to want to be the ole...but now I just despise her and women like her. It annoys me that some people can "have it all together" ! No one really does. Usually if they have time to be domestic/crafty, they don't spend a whole lot of time being motherly and maidly, they have a babysiter a few times a week and a maid. WHAT?! Ok, I'm just jealous and struggling with my calling in life right now.
On to the next depressing subject...our sad chick with a crooked beak. We bought a few chicks about 2 or 3 months ago and we noticed one eats a lot longer than the others, but she doesn't get much in...her poor beak is crooked. It's the saddest thing ever. Luckily she has my dad walking by every morning to come hand feed her corn kernals. but her life is sad, and she will soon die. (this isn't her, I stink at taking pictures lately, this is a googled crooked beak chick)

Coming soon, Tess and Kam fights and my hillbilly son.


Alona said...

Poor lil' chick! I can't wait for your upcoming posts! They sound very exciting!

Bailey's said...

Is Christmas in July another term for "Super Saturday?" Because-our ward is desperate for some new ideas this year......share???

Shawna said...

I just tried the recipe that you posted a few posts back. The crock pot chicken! It was really good and my picky eater gobbled it right up. That recipe makes you seem like Martha to me. Ha!

Do you mind if I post that recipe on my blog? I have a couple of friends that would love it.

Kristal rules!

kristal said...

haha, i don't own it. Post it everywhere. I think all mom's need to know that recipe.

Jaime S. said...

who ever decided that just because you are good at crafts you have it all together. i can think of so many other worthwhile things to do with my time.

Crystal said...

Not related to anything you just posted... I just noticed the chandeliers on your wish list. LOVE. I have always (well, for a few years anyway) wanted to have a chandelier in my bathroom. Pretty genius.