Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 things.....

1. living in JC and getting fresh eggs and milk every other day.

2. Koe...I still love my hair...even though it's growing out and I need her again.

3. VS yoga pants. I lived in them last year, and I just ordered some in size L for this year so I can live in them. Oh, and all you tall girls...they now make a 36" inseam on them!

4. My kids. They helped me out SO much yesterday with moving the house around...and I'm sure they will again...I'll probably have to bribe them today though.

5. Jase doing the dishes every morning. Although it would be 10x better if they were done at night, I'm soo glad I don't have to touch them! Thanks lover!


buba's bodacious babe said...

I love your 5 thankfuls you have been posting. I really need to pay attention to the little things so I can appreciate all I have... thanks for the reminder!

Our Little World said...

Love it!

Miken Harding said...

I love how you do that. I used to make my missionary comps every night before we go to bed say those to each other. It rocked. Looks like your doing good. Happy late b-day to Kam. She's 6...holy cow...didn't you just have her!