Saturday, July 11, 2009


I can't believe we've had her for 6 years. It only seems like 2 or 3. She's freaking awesome. We decorated her room up last night while she was asleep and she came running in at 5:30 this morning and said, "I saw that my room was decorated and my floor (we put sparkle confetti all over her floor)". WE told her it was Santa, then the tooth fairy, then the birthday fairy then Boston, but she knew it was us. She's awesome. Ok, so here's a top 10 for my sweet Kam this year.
10. I LOVE that she still says, "I'm finding for my ______" I hope they don't teach her in school that it's "looking for".
9. I love how excited she is to start school. She's been asking when she starts kindergarten for over a year now. I told her it's after we go to Sea World and see our Hawaii grandma so that she'd stop asking. She LOVES to be with kids her age and she LOVES to learn.

8. I love her hair. Obvoiusly, if I kicked a hole in the wall after the 4th time she cut it, I love it. It's soo fun. For the past 4 months I haven't had fun with it because of her 80's layers around her face, but I know in a couple of months it'll be good again. I love playing with her hair!

7. I love her cheeks. Look at those gushy, mushy, round and fluffy cheeks! Mmmm!
6. I love her sweet tooth. I know it bugs Jase, but I know it comes from me and it makes me laugh. She can hunt out sugar anywhere! For her birthday breakfast she requested M&M pancakes...we've never even had those before, but I granted her wish and we had M&M pancakes this morning. And at the 4th BBQ she always hits up the dessert table first...and sometimes only the dessert table.
5. Jase and I both love how sweet she's gotten this year. She has been pretty fiesty since she hit 2. And although we do love her strong willed attitude, it's soo nice to see her sweet side more and more everyday. She loves to help me out in the kitchen, and loves to help out dad in teh garden. She is such a great sister too.

4. We LOVE that she learned to ride a bike w/o training wheels this last year and before that she wouldn't even ride a bike, I'd have to put her on the back of mine (with boston on the front) but after she learned how to ride w/o training wheels, we can't get her off.
3. I love that when she answers the phone, she'll chit chat forever. One time when she was on the phone with Aunt Tamee they talked forever and Tamee asked her where mom was and she said, "on a date". Tamee asked, "with who?". Kam said, "I don't know". Cause, you know, it's different all the time...haha.

2. I love that she's brave enough to cut her hair after "the big hair cut" where she was punished with a weeks worth of outdoor cleaning (which our neighbors suffered for by her loud screams for a week). I know that's not something most mom's would love, but, seoriusly, that's guts. She knows next time, she's bald, so let's see how truely brave she is.
1. My favorite thing about Kam is that she's mine. She has really started liking to do more girly things this last year and wants to hang out with me more. And she likes to try on clothes, even though she wears her swimming suit most days. She loves her nails done, and loves to put make up on, she still hates to have her hair done but that's beacuse she usually has syrup in it. But I love that I have a girl to go shopping and to lunch with. And to hit the chic flicks in a few years with. She's awesome!

Love you tons Kam! Hope you have a fantastic buurtday (that's how she says it)


Sarah Pace said...

Happy Birthday! Matt and I were just talking about how stinkin fun it would be to hang out with you guys! But yeah for another Boy!! I have not blogged in so lond that I must have missed that post! congrats and I love the name by the way!

Elissa said...

ahhh, sweet kam. tell her happy birthday for us. we love and miss her.

buba's bodacious babe said...

what a great mom you are for doing this. Kam is so lucky to have you as a mom. Congrats on letting Kam live for this long, and I wish you luck for the next 12 years.

Down Home Happiness said...

Happy Birthday to Kam! I love her squishy face that she makes and her hair too! It's so thick and beautiful even if she wouldn't let me fix it either. You are awesome for doing that for her. Hope she had a great day.

Kourtney Dawn said...

So cute!!! I love the sassy pics!! And her cheeks!!!