Tuesday, July 14, 2009

5 things...

Ok, I'm in a it of a slump, ok it's more like a huge hole to the core of the earth, so I've decided to do my 5 things again, I think it helps a bit.

1. Lindsay Brinn. I'm glad I can still do her 2nd trimester workout, but I do think this is my last week....then I need to switch to tri 3.

2. Melissa, Kourtney, Jessica, Amy, Lu, Tamee, and I guess that's it. Girls that have put up with my meaness/depression swings the past 2 months.

3. Free Summer lunches for ALL kids at the cafeteria across the street. I love only doing 2 meals a day!

4. My mom! I've been going nuts trying to finish projects with my stupid sewing machine, an dI have to call her up every other day to help me fix the stupid peice of crap...she fixes it and a day later, I've broken it again.

5. Our garden! It's producing! We're eatting awesome summer and zucinni squash off of it (everyday...we over planted...along with the rest of the town that likes to bring produce to the town doc). And the kids pop off the cherry tomatoes everyday and eat them. I love it!

Ok, this list bettered make me happy as I think about it today!


Our Little World said...

jealous over #3 and #5! awesome!

Jessica said...

I love the cafeteria too! Its so nice to not have to make lunch every once in a while for my picky little eaters!

We didn't get to plant a garden this year. With Beau being gone and the new baby I told Beau I didn't want to have to worry about it! What was I thinking!

Shandi said...

That is so awesome that you already get to eat from your garden!!! Ours is growing but it sure is taking it's time! When did you plant yours?

Kourtney Dawn said...

You are so freakin sweet, and you are not even mean!!! You are so funny!!!