Friday, March 21, 2008

matchy matchy

I was just going through J's old baby pics and came across a few that made me want to squeeze his little baby boy guts! He looks like a chubbier version of B with darker eyes and bigger lips. He's soo cute. And I love that when I go through his baby pictures, I have to figure which of the 8 places that we lived in since we've had him it is at. This one is tempe.This one is one of my favorite chubby shots of J. It was in Irving...a place I LONG to forget. The only good thing about that place was that I had no friends so I exercised a good 3 hours a day and lost 35lbs. But was it really worth the torandoes, floods, ant infestation, ghetto living, and roaches jumping out of the cupboards...EVERY MORNING?! Uh, no!
And J's little twin. Just a random shot from J's camera fest the other day.
And somehow this pic snuck past my blogging sensors. It's from J's graduation...which I still need to blog about, but how cute is this little baby!!!


Tamee said...

That's crazy how much they look alike. It that cute little chin and big eyes. I wish I could get someone besides me in the family to take pictures.

Breea said...

I thought that was bos. wow they look so much alike! look at the pix i took of boston on my blog. its freakin awesome!

Alona said...

I LOVE that last shot of Boston!