Monday, March 31, 2008

I am legend

Jase and I teach a class of about 16 fourteen and fifeteen year olds. The first month, I wanted to move away from JC just so I could get out of my calling. Now, I LOVE it! I love every single one of these kids. They're awewsome! Ok, there are 2 or 3 that don't know how to stop talking, but I love em! We told them a couple of months ago that we have a basement that looks like the first scary part on I am Legend, and they remembered, and since it came out on DVD the week of their spring break, we decided to have a pizza party with them and watch it down there. I seriously can't believe none of them got some freaky disease from that basement. I've been down there twice in the 4 months we've lived here. IT's scary and gross. Anyway, they loved it! And this is the only pic I got. This isn't even half of them, plus about 4 extra kids came. Oh and see the girl making the "scared" face in the front...if I had to adopt one of these kids, it'd be her. Or the one by her.


Burgess said...

What a good idea! That's what living in a small town is -- if Zane invited any of his kids over to watch a movie and pizza, none of them would come. Will you be my sunday school teacher, too?

Anonymous said...

That's the ticket. I teach the 12/13 year olds. I need to lock them in a dark basement.

But seriously, if you have any tips to teach, I would love to hear them. i am struggling.