Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love it

5 things I love about today
1.  The older 3 are going around the house singing Gary Indiana and Shapoopy...and we haven't watched Music Man in about 2 weeks. I love it

2. I love craigslist. I love that you can list stuff one day and have it sold the next.

3. I love clogging. I forgot how much I love it. I clog around the house and have since we've been married, but I love going to clogging class with the pros. SO much fun.

4. I love having the world's best baby.  He's adorable, he's easy, he's always happy, he fake laughs at everything, and he likes to cuddle!

5. I love Kamryn slams the door 2-3x when she's mad...just like her mom used to do.  Just glad to know that I can pass on a few things to the kids.


Susannah said...

Adam has an addiction to craigslist!

Kristal said...

My sister vonda and I had a pretty messed up addiction a coupel of years ago. I quit cold turkey, but am slowly getting there again.