Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is it just me?

Ok, A new segment on my blog.....

I notice that when I'm home alone, I turn up the ole station Beyonce on Pandora and dance like crazy. I dance like I did when I was 19....beyonce arms, shakira hips, body rolls, and a few moves that look a little too choreographed. Please say all stay at home mom's do this.
Or this time of year, I have the Christmas station pulled up all day long on Pandora, and I do a lot of Broadway type moves. Lots of high kicks, jumping through the air and jazz hands.
This is all normal...right?


Ashley Lois said...

definitely not just you. although, i can't do leaps because i'm pretty sure the people who live beneath my apartment would not appreciate it. but i pretty much do the same thing. all the time.

Elissa said...

its just you. haha

Crystal Price said...

Heck yes. You are so not alone.