Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love my kids!!!!

Last week in the car, Jaden was in the back seat practicing his spelling and writing. After a few minutes had passed, he said, "mom, I wrote something for you"... Awww, just another friendly reminder to stay off of drugs! Gotta love red ribbon week!
And then this morning I was telling Kamryn that next week is Thanksgiving. I asked her, "do you know what we do on Thanksgiving"? She said, "yea, we make mom breakfast in bed, and we do things for her all day and bring her flowers". I didn't want to disagree! Love you guys!!!


alison said...

Well as I was sitting here getting ready to light one up, I saw that sweet reminder from J not to do drugs and I have decided to folow his advice, no more for me :)

Melissa said...

that's really cute!

Amy John said...

That is cute! Are you mad at us?? I seriously haven't been on my computer since I emailed you last. Looks like you had a blast at that Time Out thing. And I loved your interview with Jason.
Austin is starting to write things, and I can't ever bring myself to throw them away.

Koi said...

Aww, Keep that forever! And I like this whole "bring mom breakfast in bed" on Thanksgiving idea. Perfect!