Sunday, November 30, 2008


I decided since I missed my sister's wagons of thankfulness for the 12 days of Thanksgiving, I'd do Christmas.....
SO here's a quick list of 25 things I'm grateful for today....
1. That my blog readers are being patient with my honeymoon/wedding post that is in the works
2. My awesome husband that's so dang hot!
3. My Christmas tree
4. My love sac
5. Popcorn
6. Awesome friends that let us barrow their deep freeze to store this cow we just got
7. This cow we just got....all 800lbs of it!
8. Hilary Weeks
9. Our Wagoneer
10. Foxxie
11. Magazines, I know, bad, but I love my 8 magazine subscriptions!
12. Cuddly little footie pajamas.
13. Speech Therapists
14. Small Towns
15. Blue Bunny Ice Cream, any flavor really
16. Black freaking Friday!
17. My awesome neice for taking me to Black freaking Friday!
18. How great the clinic has been built up because of it's amazingly talented and caring doctor.
19. My camera
20. Flagstaff
21. Cheese
22. Chickens
23. My mom that made some amazing food these last 4, and last 29 years at least.
24. Cranium (the game)
25. Jaden's sweet smile.

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Mary Ann said...

I love the list.. it's so original! :) You are so fun! I want to hear about your black friday experience!! good deals??