Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gross things vs Cute things

We'll start with the gross. Last Wed. Kam and I were jumping on the trampoline and we heard the chickens go crazy so we jumped off and ran over. When we got there our big beautiful, strong chickens were pecking the crap out of the neighbors chicken that got into our coop. We made our chickens back off and apologize, but I think it was too late. This is what we found... Poor little guy didn't move a muscle. And Jase forgot to remove him that night, so I asked my dad to go down (with his gun, in case he needed to be put out) and get him out of our coop. So dad went down (huge animal lover, almost loves em more than his kids...almost) and gently got the bloodied up chicken out of our coop, sat him on the ground behidn our backyard fence, and the chicken ran off. WHAT?! The bloody little guys was sitting in the corner there for over a day...and he was a live?! yay for healing!!!!!
Now onto the cute. Boss loves to wear Kam's shoes. He seriously won't wear his own. He loves her patent leather blue mary janes, wears em everywhere right now. If it's not them, it's my black high heels. I don't know why, of all of the colorful shoes I have, he likes my sexy black high heels. Anyway, Kam wanted to play dress up the other day, and of coarse, Boss is her victim, sadly this is the only pic I got of it, but I'm sure they'll play dress up again soon.
And I forgot to post Kam's soccer picture. I think they took regionals. haha! They were retarded (yes, obviously from blog stalker, she gets it from her mom). I love this age when they kick it wherever they want and get excited. She would like me to add that she was the fastest one on her team. She's awesome! (again, from her mom)

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alison said...

I love the soccer pict, she looks like, "Yeah, I know I rock!" Also, what a tough little chicken, totally gross that the other chicken did that to him. I was looking at the pict of Boss and Kam and seriously started crying. I want more kids. Hopefully one of these days! How's the clense going?