Friday, August 29, 2008

Jamaica Trip...Post I of...many!

Ok, card with amazingly beautiful pictures on it, still gone, but I must carry on. I can not let it hold me and my dreams back forever (although it totally is....I haven't gotten out of my pajamas since I found out!).
First we'll start off with the wonderful messages displayed in Jamaica. There were many, but I only caught a few which I will share with you throughout this post. Oh, and ALL pictures from this post were taken from a moving bus, so please, ignore any glare or motion blur, thank you.
"Only Fools"
"Don't do it YOURSELF"
This was just a shot of the hillside...a lot like many countries, Isreal, Cuba, California....
I just thought this little oceanside bar looked retroey (yes it's a word, and NO don't look it up!)
A ship
And we're complaining about $3.60 a gallon...this is 87.40 FOR A LITER!!!!
Ok ok, it's $75 Jamaican to $1 US
Just a cool Jamaican shopping center. We didn't get to go to any because Sandals picks you up at the airport and takes you right to the resort, and it's all fenced in, which scared me too much to go to the streets, but everyone looked really happy and nice on the streets, but the only white people we saw were a couple of momo missionaries....on a LONG road with their little bikes. ha!
Lots of goats in the roads of Jamaica. Seriously, I think it's a goat infested country. But we didn't see any dead....but lots of dead dogs. Maybe their specsist against dogs? (yes, it's a real word, and again, NO don't look it up!)
This is what most of the country looks like, this or hill covered in trees and shrubs with bright colored flowers. Seriously a beautiful country.
Almost everyone there drives a bus, or a station wagon. We did see 3 SUV's there, one being a sweet escalade, which I'm sure was broken into that night, but there are just tons of little station wagons with cute little "meep meep" horns that are being honked CONSTANTLY, but it's never in a mean way. They honk and wave to everyone, and they honk to let people cut in, or turn in, and they honk to say thank you. It was just weird to hear all the honking, and not have it be mean. Oh, but they do flip other drivers off for stupid moves.

Lots of fruit stands all along the roads. They grow pineapple, mango, banans, breadfruit, papayas and guavas. This guy just looked chill...ya mon.
This was a food market....notice the gross fish hanging on the pole...yuck! We saw lots of fishermen, I had an amazing picture of one holding his fish up and he had the coolest dreads, but again, on the good memory card. AH!
Just some more cool countryside pictures.

Um, ok, so when they pass, they don't care if a car is coming the other way, somehow, the person they pass just knows to go onto the shoulder. This is us in a huge bus, with a car on our left (obviously you drive on the left side there) and a car coming towards us on the right...we had 3 cars on the skinny 2 lane road. It was kinda scary, but amazingly, not one of our closest calls of the week. They drive within an inch of rock walls, and they pull out in front of bike riders that are going really fast. It's nuts!

This dude was carrying a big ole thing....I don't know what it is, but it looks like a REALLY HUGE thing of wheat, but he was walking a long a LONG road carrying it. Don't know why I took a picture.... next....
Just another cool dude
They build small houses, probably 500sq ft. and they live in the first floor until they can afford to build the second floor, and they continue to live in the first floor while they build the 2nd. Scary huh?
Ok, well, this wasn't the most interesting post. But enjoy for now, and I will be back with "My favorite and least favorite things about Jamaica" and also, "Sandals festivities" And hopefully "my 8 year wedding on the beach, the most amazing picture ever in the world and I found the card"...hopefully


Our Little World said...

This is a cool post! That is crazy about the houses being built. We have it so good here. And I'm still crossing my fingers and praying you find that card. You will!!!!

Vonda said...

Those pictures brought back alot of memories of when we went. I loved all the road signs. I remember one with a ladies breast out and she was getting ready to nurse (advertisment for milk just like moms milk) And another sign the said "Try some, ja know ja wanna" The Gutts say that all the time now. Glad your weather was good and you did alot of sight seeing! PS - I dont want a boy, just got sucked into this little boys need for a good family - but if I did want a boy - Boston is who I'd pick - he's my buddy.

alison said...

Wow, this isn't what I imagined Jam. looking like, it looks very laid back and friendly though. I really wan to see picts of you guys too though. I hope by now you have found your memory card. I can't even imagine how sick it makes you feel. I love the signs, those are pretty funny.

Amy John said...

That looks really awesome. All I think of when I hear Jamaica is the movie Cool Runnings. And then with the olympics going on when you were there, it must have been just like it! Anyway, where the crap is that bleeping memory card huh?? Did you check in your "dirty clothes" from the trip?? That is where my grandma somehow left all her credit cards when we took her to cali.

Abbey said...

Wow, I know two families that live in Jo City! I can't believe Jason is a Chiro, how cool is that. Now that there's two families to see maybe it's worth the trip. My wife says to say that you have a cute family, and she was laughing really hard at the wax/shave post.

Alona said...

It's beautiful! It reminds me a whole lot of Belize. The honking is a common thing there too as well as Egypt and Israel. Maybe we're the weird ones! :)