Friday, August 29, 2008

Jamaica Part II

Ok, so since all of my amazingly beautiful beach and ocean shots are gone, this is really all I have of it...enjoy.... One of the nights the resort did a big Jamboree party thing, and there were lots of crazy Jamaicans on stilts, lots of liquor and lots and lots of food, along with my favorite band ever...we stalked them and ate at the resturant they played at almost everyday...I got a picture with them because they were some cool looking older Jamaican men, but yea, guess which card that was on....
And yes, there was plenty of entertainment for the gentlemen.....
and a little more....
I would have held the snake but, um, I'm not crazy!
Alright, I'm sure this will change as things pop into my head, but here are my top 10's.
10. All of the fresh Jamaican grown fruit everywhere, mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papayas, breadfruit(gross).
9. The SUPER clear blue water (that I would ike to share with you, but can't)
8. all of the greeness
7. Dunn's River Falls, beautiful. We hiked up it, but we had to go with a group, and they made us all hold hands, and that was wierd. Then they made us go down a tiny little natural slide and put our hands behind our heads as we slid down and they took a picture...yes, I felt a bit violated, but it's Jamaica, ya mon!
6. The excitment of the scary driving
5. The cool fish and sunken ships that we got to check out while we were snorkeling
4. Jerk Chicken
3. The billboards
2. Rum Raisin Ice Cream (I had it with 2 meals a day everyday) and Appleton Rum Pancake Syrup (I had it with the other meal everyday, and have contiuned the tradition here in JC)
1. The amazing people. They were so grateful, and happy and positive, seirously all the time. And yes, maybe they were high since weed is legal ( and we were offered it), and since Rum is all over the place, but seriously they were always soo happy and friendly. Whenever we'd ask them about the hurricanes, they would always say things like, "we're just a really blessed nation, blessed in many ways" Or, "we just pray and we're blessed". Some of our favorite phrases
"wheregwoin" Which we're assuming is "where are you going?" or "how's it going?"
"you alright?" They ask that a lot, and we thought maybe it was just in the resort, but nope, eveywhere, they just want to make sure everyone is "irie", which brings me to my next means "alright"
and of coarse the infamous "ya mon" which really does mean whatever you want it to mean, and you have to say it about every 30 seconds in a conversation or you're just not really Jamaican. Oh, and not only were they amazing people, but the longer we were there, the more I noticed that they are really good looking. Probably just the ones that worked at our resort since I didn't ntoice too many on the street, but the girls were so beautiful. Jase had a MAJOR crush on our Salsa instructor...and it didn't help that the second she came into the room, she put on a tiny little skirt, stilletos and totally shook what her mama gave her...and and it was private one else came. But I do have to admit, most of the men had really good builds, and I don't know if it's just because they are always smiling (and one whistled at me and one asked if I was a movie star), but the men were pretty good looking too.
10. Jerk Pork
9. Spear Fishermen while we were Snorkeling
8. The crazy storm that came the night that we left with tons of thunder and lightening on the ocean (we had an ocean front room...I didnt' sleep that night)
7. The excitment of the crazy driving
6. being a white girl there. I wanted dreads and a big bootie and lips soo bad!
5. All the Rum, and I couldn't drink any...I do believe it would be my liquor of choice...probalby since it's just fermented cane juice
4. The occasional wiff of weed everyday
3. Rum Raisin Ice cream (for at least 2 meals a day everyday) 10lbs later
2. Leaving
1. Leaving without my own little Jamaican baby.
There you have it.
I have one more series of Jamaican pictures....unless you all can pray a little harder so someone can find my stinking amazing favorite memory card ever.


LuAnne said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun. I hope your find your card. Pics of the beach in the wedding dress sounds awesome! I've always wanted to redo our wedding pics! Lets get together next week!

Shawna said...

Loved all the pictures! Especially the ones of jase with the ladies! That's hilarious!

I'm so glad you found your card. I'm dying to see the wedding photos!

Alona said...

The pictures of Jason are hilarious! It looks like maybe HE should have been on the party bus!

Staci said...

That post was a lot of fun and you look amazing in that black dress. Sounds like you had a lot more positives than negatives. Obviously your trip was very successful! I can only imagine the fun you too had. I guess I have to take Ryan to Jamaica now so he can eat Rum Raisin ice cream and hopefully gain 10 pounds, no but that is his favorite ice cream. Sounds fun!