Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Valley trip....day #2

Day two started out with, uh, ok, I forgot, but again for lunch we went to Brio's....B, Vonda, Danica and myself. Again, getting the Bisteca salad.... and then....AND THEN.....AAANNND THENNNN......
Their freaking amazing chocolate molten cake! It's seriously the best! And yes, it is the final week of the biggest loser, but when you split a leetle dessert with 3 other people, it really doesn't even count, so BACK OFF!
Then we went to K's boyfriend, Austin's birthday party at a splash pad. This is the amazing cake that Austin's mom made. She's a cake maker. She always makes the coolest cakes. FYI, she didn't even have a mold for this one!
Then that night is when the excitment really begins...sadly, I have no pictures. But the Gutts, Fishes, Johns and us all went to The Dark Knight. Uh, dark!
Then after that we walked around Mill Ave for an hour or so where we met an amazing man with great wisdom...telling us, "Marijiuana is the way!". I fail to agree, but, wow, inspiring. Then Jase also met a "dude" that told him that he'd like the 3 of us girls to go in and dance on the bar in "the library"...tempting...seriously, tempting, but uh, no! Then we proceeded to an amazing place that is right by ColdStone on mill and he makes these amazing homemade cookies and shove amazing ice cream between them, and he has about 20 amazing flavors, and it was amazing..I'd like to highly recomend it to everyone.
Then on our quest for kareoke, we decided to go back to Scottsdale to a kareoke bar that we once tried, but didn't suceed at. We stayed there til 1am to sing a lovely rendition of "my humps" by Fergie. It sucked horribly, but good times were had, and Kareoke is defiantely in our near future!


Burgess said...

Hey! Looks like you had fun! Sorry we couldn't meet you, I had to work on Thurs night until close, and then I had to get stuff for the boys' trip the next morning (before working again that night). Some day my husband will write the next great american novel and then I won't have to work anymore.

Anyway, that's beside the point. I'd like to hear your rendition of My humps. I really would.

Biddle Family said...

in the valley huh????
it was nice to see you!
we should do it again sometime soon!

Vonda said...

Lunch at Brios today??? When you come down for Shaynas baptizm.

Next time Kareoke on a Friday night so we can go. (We already know we can dance in front of lots of people we dont know)

LuAnne said...

That dessert does look yummy! Looks like you guys had fun. Ok I need a theme for bunco night. Any suggestions?

January said...

That cake is awesome!

dani said...

Freakin sweet weekend! I think Brio's and Kareoke should be a permanant tradition when you come to the valley. Gooood times.