Wednesday, July 2, 2008


My friend Kiri tagged me and I figured I'd do it because it's a fun one:

i am: Jason's woman
i think: about Jamaica at least once a day!
i know: I have the cutest kids in the world
i want: Brio's chocolate molten lava cake!
i have: the best husband in the world
i wish: I had tight abs
i hate: when people are consitantly late
i miss: shopping with Melissa
i fear: Obama
i feel: ready to get outta the house today!
i hear: my kids talking and the huge tree full of birds that our neighbors hate.
i smell: the combination of omlets and apple pancakes.
i crave: Brio's chocolate molten lava cake
i search: the scriptures
i wonder: if Kam will like to hang out with me when she's older
i regret: my tatoo
i love: rain
i care: about J and the kids
i always: get up too early
i am not: sweet
i believe: the bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. I also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God.
i dance: every morning for a good hour
i sing: LOUD, but only in the car
i don’t always: stay awake past 9.
i fight: for my right to party!
i write: grocery lists every week
i lose: my grocery list every week
i win: candyland sometimes.
i never: eat mushrooms or shrimp
i listen: to music about half the day.
i can usually be found: blogging, working out, on walks, in the kitchen or in the backyard with the kids and chickens.
i am scared: about the elections
i need: buckle jeans as soon as I drop this horrible stubborn last 5lbs!
i am happy about: Jamaica!
i tag: Amy (that's all 3 of you), Kit, and Lou


Our Little World said...

dude, i think i asked for you to come over to my blog and give me advice on something. luckily i figured it out on my own! geez!

that was fun to read~!

LuAnne said...

Kung Fu Panda sounds fun. Is it in Holbrook? Let us know. We'll come by sometime. We got a Wii too, so we'll have to play :)

Mary Ann said...

that was a fun tag! you are so creative with your answers... i'm sure kam will hang out with you when you get older! :)

Amy Allred said...

THanks a ton, loved your answers though. I love learning about people and the tag allow us to do that, but my suggestion is .... just buy the jeans because you look hot.

Dramatic Imaging said...

ok, Ill do it but I have just made 12...12 posts and I am computer fried and it is 3 and I need a shower like bad. I just had to say thanks for the comment, I cant wait to do your couple shoot. You are flippin hot girl!!!! What 17 lbs? You look like a super model now!

Jill said...

Tatoo huh? Me too. Dang it!

Vonda said...

I love this tag. Never heard of Brios, Im so glad you fight for your right to party and could you just go buy those stinkn jeans - you look FABOO!

Woodside's said...

Hey thanks for doing the tag! I love these as long as they aren't to long. Keep looking HOT and what 5 pounds?

Alona said...

Cute idea! I really like what you put for the "i believe" one.