Thursday, July 31, 2008

24 hours of sweet release....

So I decided to allow myself 24 hours of NON dieting since the challenge is over but I still have 3 weeks til bikini wearing week. So I'm writing down all that I'm eatting during these amazing 24 hours:
a bowl of multi grain cheerios with half fat free milk and half fat free half and half...mmmm
a bowl of raisin bran (same milk combo)
a chocolate fiber one bar
a bite of gross ice cream
a fried ice cream blast from sonic
half of a sub from arby's
half of an order of curly fries
half of a small jamoca shake
half of a market fresh chicken salad sandwich
a big ole peice of Trapper's banana cream pie
almost another piece (I had to RUN to the bathroom...I threw up! room for more!)
I didn't shove any more down. My stomach was going NUTS, so I drank a few glasses of water, and off to bed...kind of. I was in the bathroom every other hour all night, and then I woke up with calves harder than rocks with major charlie horses. Lesson learned...or was it
3 sweet potatoe pancakes with homemade buttermilk syrup
a protien bar
a bite of a weight watchers popcicle
a spoon of vanilla frosting
(again feeling soo gross, stomach gurgling, whiped!)
another bowl of multi grain cheerios
a peanutbutter and creamed honey sandwich
lemon berry ice cream
apple with peanutbutter and honey
flaxseed nachos
salad with a CREAMY dressing
corn on the cob
fiber one buds (cereal)


Alona said...

You go, Kristal! Sorry about the vomit!

alison said...

Wow girl at least it probably made you so sick that you didn't gain anything!