Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Our sweet neighbor Orren passed away last week.  He had a heart attack.  He's been pretty sad since his wife died in August but Vivian has always been able to make him smile.  She'd go over there about once. a week with a plate of homemade cookies and he'd trade her for Oreos that he always had in his cookie jar.  He always let us know how much he loved having the kids come say hi.   he even told his parents and siblings because at his funeral they all made sure to come and meet the Vivian that always made Orren's day.  In fact, they told her that Orren wanted her to have his cookie jar...and they filled it with Oreo's.  She hugged his brother and thanked him and then let us know that when she prays to Heavenly Father, she says hi to Orren too.  We'll miss Orren.  He was such a fun, kind neighbor which was a breath of fresh air after our Taylor neighbor that did all he could to try and make our life miserable.

Also, Boston, of course is busy making banana bread and selling it this summer already.  Our house smells SO great every time he does it and he's gotten so good at making them all by himself and cleaning up 90% of his mess.

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